60 Sexy and Hot Maggie Geha Pictures

The beautiful American actress started her career as a model. Coming from a family of musicians, Maggie Geha has always had a creative side. Below, we have for you, the best Sexy and Hot Maggie Geha Pictures

It’s quite ironic that the sexy brunette was hesitant to delve into acting because she has heard how difficult it was to be an actor. So going into college, she wanted to do something more straitlaced.

Halfway through university, Maggie Geha decided to major in theater and got her bachelor’s degree from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. Though unsure about her prospects, the actress was glad to pursue what she wanted to do.

The hot star does her work mostly in Los Angeles and New York; however, she grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, and Vermont, considering the latter to be her home state. When she was in her youth, the fresh Maggie Geha won the title of Miss Teen Vermont in 2004.

She has made minor appearances on teen drama Gossip Girl, satirical sitcom 30 Rock, and soap opera All My Children. Maggie Geha has immense respect for actors who work on soaps as they are incredibly fast-paced. Compared to movies and other television shows, soap operas only have one or two takes of a scene before they move on to the next one. Imagine how quick the actors must be to memorize their lines!

Maggie Geha only has a few films credited to her name. The list includes the romantic fantasy Winter’s Tale and the romantic comedy films The Rewrite, Ted 2, and In Stereo. The actress hopes to do a variety of genres or characters in her career. With her love for music, she is interested in doing something similar to the musical La La Land. She is also open to doing science fiction or action movies like Aliens or Wonder Woman, respectively.

Her most memorable role to date is the femme fatale Poison Ivy in the crime drama series Gotham. Named Ivy Pamela Pepper on the show instead of Pamela Lillian Isley on the comics, Maggie Geha nailed the character on the hit TV series. With how seductive Poison Ivy showed up in the DC comics, the actress had to show a generous amount of boobs in the show. She had a recurring role up to the fourth season, but the producers recast the character on the next one.

The actress does not have a lot of followers on her Instagram yet, but she does post glamorous and quirky images of herself on photoshoots. With the occasional bikini pic and the gorgeous dresses that show off her wonderful ass, there is a lot to see on her profile. We look forward to seeing more of her on the Netflix comedy series, Mr. Iglesias.

Sexy and Hot Maggie Geha Pictures