50 Sexy and Hot Madonna Pictures

Anyone would know Madonna as the sexy “Queen of Pop.” She pulls this off by using her stunning visuals and talents when it comes to songwriting. Aside from being creative in her music career, Madonna is also responsible for inspiring artists in the current and past generations.

Before moving to New York City, Madonna grew up in Michigan with her family. She started pursuing a career in dancing in the year 1978. Sire Records took notice of her after several performances and gigs. In 1983, Madonna debuted her self-titled album, one year after she joined the label.

Madonna continued working on more albums, including her second release, Like a Virgin in 1984, third studio album in 1986, True Blue, and fourth album Ray of Light, which had its release in 1988.

After years of hiatus, Madonna broke her silence and released her fifth studio album, Confessions on a Dance Floor, in 2005.

With her successful albums also come widely-received and chart-topping singles, including “Like a Virgin,” “La Isla Bonita,” “Vogue,” “Frozen,” and “4 Minutes”.

Madonna is also known for her acting capabilities, which she displayed in more than a dozen films. She debuted on the silver screens in the 1979 movie A Certain Sacrifice.

Madonna also had specific roles in several projects, including Desperately Seeking Susan, which premiered in 1985, Dick Tracy in 1990, and the award-winning performance in the movie Evita that premiered in 1996.

Madonna also had her eyes on business when she started Maverick, a company under her name, which also includes her record label. The Queen of Pop also does more business ventures, expanding even into making children’s storybooks.

Madonna also has an affiliation with several charitable institutions, including Ray of Light and Raising Malawi.

With Madonna’s outstanding feat of becoming the best-selling female artist in history, she gained an award from the Guinness World Records. The hot female artist is also known for scoring the most singles to top the charts in different countries.

VH1, Rolling Stone, and many more media and journalism critics have hailed her as an essential part of the music industry. She’s deemed as the most influential female recording artist throughout history as well.

The Queen of Pop has also achieved success in terms of advertisements, being hired by different companies and networks to advertise something for them. Her popularity and viral status, even before the internet became a thing, also contributed heavily to her triumph. Countless books and biographies also came to life, describing her success as a singer and as a woman.

Madonna is famous for having a flawless bikini body, even in her earlier years in her music career. If you’re a Madonna fan, then you’ll surely like our compilation of Madonna’s best-looking ass and boobs photos.

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