50 Sexy and Hot Madison McLaughlin Pictures

She was born on 5 November 1995 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as Madison Blaine McLaughlin.  The sexy actress has both Spanish and Italian mixed heritage. When Madison began drama lessons, she would only have been six years old.  The little girl had started forming an attraction towards performing and shooting a video. She got to learn how to create a script, writing, directing, and acting to pursue her dreams further.

McLaughlin started developing her simple movies from a young age, which only also improved her aesthetic and operational skills. When Madison moved to Los Angeles to undertake a career as an actor, she was only  11 years old. 

Her journey started with productions in stage dramas and musical theater like in the Sound of Music.  Madison has also appeared in a modest amount of advertisements, music videos, and feature films. Her TV debut was on the show The Mentalist in 2011, where she gave life to the character of Annabeth Lisbon. Next, she accepted the role of a robust youthful explorer in the hit series Supernatural through the part of Krissy Chambers. Her appearance in the fantasy show was preceded within a year by an episode appearance in another popular series called NCIS as Rosie Martin.

Among her most known portrayals was when McLaughlin played Paige Krasikeva in the MTV sci-fi show Teen Wolf. In 2015, the hot young star appeared in two movies that are Girl Meets World and Finding Carter. Madison also partners with groups dear to her soul, including “Global Genes” and “Shane’s Motivation,” which helps make the whole world a more open, equitable environment for disabled people, and increases the awareness for rare diseases. 

The actress has a massive following on the social media platform, Instagram. She has a total of 101.1 thousand followers, most of which are fans that she has gained through her appearances in Arrow and Dangerous Woman. Her profile page features pictures from her daily life and her dog. She also often posts pictures of her at the beach where she is spotted posing in a tiny bikini.

The young starlet also likes to keep fit to ensure that she still gets jobs in the competitive world of showbusiness. She achieves this through being mindful of what she eats- with the occasional indulgence, managing her stress levels, and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. Apart from acting, Madison had also dwelled into the world of pageantry when she decided to participate as Miss Universal City Teen USA  on the Miss California Teen USA competition in 2009.

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Apart from her smile, her body is one of her best features. Madison McLaughlin has indeed grown up!

Sexy and Hot Madison McLaughlin Pictures