41 Sexy and Hot Lyndsy Fonseca Pictures

If you are a Generation X, Y or millennial, or Z man, you must have felt smitten by Lyndsy Fonseca when she appeared in the 2010 superhero motion picture “Kick-Ass.” Also, your infatuation over her carried on in that movie’s sequel released three years later. You will see how she is surely eye-catching with the Sexy and Hot Lyndsy Fonseca Pictures we have posted below.

Because she is so beautiful, delivering her portrayal of the character Katie Deauxma was really something. If you want to see more pictures of Lyndsy, which highlights her hot, bikini-perfect physique, guess what? You have made it to the best website.

In this article, you will not regret spending at least two minutes of your time reading our discussion here because we are offering the sexy images of the dark brown-haired and blue-eyed Hollywood charmer. Also, you will get a closer peek at her super-flawless and alabaster-white boobs and tight ass. But let us first learn more about the foxy Lyndsy. Lyndsy Fonseca is her name, and she has the middle name, Marie. Her birth date is January 7, 1987, which makes her zodiac sign Capricorn, an Earth symbol.

Also, Lyndsy is a native of Oakland, which is one of the largest cities in California. But did you know that, although Lyndsy is an American citizen, she has Portuguese blood because of her parents? This pedigree has contributed to her exquisite Caucasian looks. Besides, this millennial actress attended and finished her modeling course in San Francisco’s Barbizon Modeling and Acting School when she was younger. 

Then, when Lyndsy was 14 years old, she began her TV career. Her first-ever role was being Colleen Carlton in “The Young and the Restless.” She took on that regular role from 2001 to 2005. Lyndsy also got a role in “Boston Public,” appearing as Jenn Cardell in four episodes.

Plus, she landed roles in the episodes of “Malcolm in the Middle,” “NYPD Blue,” “Phil of the Future,” “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” “House,” and “Heroes.” Lyndsy appeared in many films created for TV, too, such as “The World’s Biggest Asshole,” “Ordinary Miracles,” “Five,” “I Do, They Don’t,” and “Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life.”

She took on main, recurring, and regular roles. As for Lyndsy’s movie career, since 2006, she has made ten movies as of 2020. Besides “Kick-Ass” and its sequel, she got cast in “Curvature,” “Hot Tub Time Machine,” “The Escort,” “Moments of Clarity,” and “Remember the Daze.”

Lyndsy is tremendously sexy that men’s magazine Maxim awarded her the 62nd spot in the publication’s Hot 100 list in 2010, and the 88th position one year later. Also, her vital statistics listed online are 35-24-34 inches, and she fits size-4 dresses sophisticatedly. As of October 2016, Lyndsy has officially become Mrs. Noah Bean.

This five feet and five inches tall beauty married her “Nikita” co-star in Connecticut after their engagement in February of that same year. Lyndsy and Noah share parenting duties with their daughter Greta who came into this world in February 2018. Lyndsy may no longer be on the market, yet, you are always free to indulge in her hot pics as we now give them to you. Enjoy!

Sexy and Hot Lyndsy Fonseca Pictures