52 Sexy and Hot Lucy Lawless Pictures

New Zealand sexy actress Lucille Frances Lawless is famous for portraying the title character in NBC’s Xena: Warrior Princess. Her acting career started in 1989, which contributed a lot to her growth as a versatile actress.

Lawless grew up in Auckland closely with her six siblings and parents. She had her first experience to be included in a musical while she was ten, and did several acting roles while she’s studying in her secondary school. She enrolled in Marist College, Auckland, but eventually left to go overseas.

Lucy’s first TV appearance is in Funny Business, which lasted for over two seasons. After this experience, she decided to enroll in the William Davis Centre for Actors Study to hone her acting skills further.

One of her earliest film credits was in 1994 when she had an appearance in Hercules and the Amazon Women. It later had a spin-off as a television series where she appeared as well.

The New Zealand actress scored her first lead role in 1995 when she got an offer to play the title character of the TV series, Xena: Warrior Princess. The show is a success in terms of audience reception and viewership, which also fueled its airing span.

The series helped Lawless to establish herself in the acting industry. It lasted for six seasons due to public demand and a large fan base.

Lawless started starring in the TV series  Battlestar Galactica in 2005, which lasted for almost four years. The next year, she joined Celebrity Duets, which aired on Fox. Lawless was unable to take home the win and was only able to achieve a runner up place.

Aside from on-screen acting, Lawless also does several voice-acting roles for animated projects including, Justice League: The New Frontier and Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time.

In 2008, Lawless returned to act on TV in one episode of the long-running series, CSI.

The New Zealand actress also gained popularity with her hot portrayal in Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Her performance in the series won an award for the Best Supporting Actress category that was given by Saturn Award.

In 2012, she started to star as Diane in Parks and Recreation, which lasted until 2015. Lawless also made several appearances in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Salem, and Ash vs. Evil Dead.

After her performance in Celebrity Duets, many people noticed how good Lawless is when it comes to singing. In 2007, she held a concert in Hollywood, and even if it is her debut performance, the show immediately was sold-out.

Lucy Lawless needs to maintain her body figure, including her two most valuable assets, ass, and boobs, because of the roles she did before. That said, if you’re looking forward to seeing more of her, we got you covered! Enjoy our compilation of Lucy’s high-quality bikini photos.

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