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But let us first discuss a brief background about the young wizard here. If you have felt engrossed in the cross-over videogame “Sunday vs. Magazine: Shuketsu! Chojo Daikessen,” as well as “Fairy Tail: Zeref Awakens,” you will find lots of scenes involving Lucy.

This playable character is a regular in video games of the “Fairy Tail” series. Besides, you will get to see her in Konami’s action video game, “Fairy Tail: Portable Guild” for PlayStation Portable, as well as in “Fairy Tail: Portable Guild 2.” As a fictional personality, Lucy is a 17-year-old wizard.

She is an aspiring novelist whose parents are Jude and Layla Heartfilia. Lucy’s father is a business magnate, while her mother is a celestial wizard. When Layla passed away, and her Dad becomes estranged from her, Lucy joins the Fairy Tail gang. She appreciates this group despite its members’ tendency to break properties unintentionally. 

Also, Lucy inherited the rare golden Gatekeys from her late mom, which she uses to summon the mighty celestial souls with diverse capabilities. The weapon of this celestial wizard includes the extendable ethereal whip. The fierce Lucy is, indeed, titillating with her signature outfits, comprising of a short skirt, sleeveless shirt, and a matching pair of boots.

You get to gaze at her long and enticing legs, as well as her svelte teenage body. Moreover, you must have fallen for Lucy because of her winning personality. According to Miss Heartfilia’s creator, Hiro Mashima, he made this fictional figure and heroine of the “Fairy Tail” manga series to have a serious attitude and an artistic streak. He added that he wanted his creation always to give the best of herself. These winsome features of Lucy enabled her to garner acclaim. 

Hence, since Lucy’s debut in “The Fairy’s Tail” in August 2006, which is the first chapter of “Fairy Tail” in the Japanese publication, Weekly Shonen Magazine, she has raked in the massive appreciation of her fans. Aside from the video games that feature Lucy, these enthusiasts enjoy the manga star through the different kinds of merchandise sold in the market, such as necklaces, action figures, and badges.

Furthermore, Lucy made it to the number-one spot in the popularity survey published in the Weekly Shonen Magazine’s 26th issue. She raked in a total of 8,987 votes. Lucy appears in another video game that Gust Company Limited developed as well. You surely felt impressed with the nature of Lucy as a popular manga character.

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Sexy and Hot Lucy Heartfilia Pictures