40 Sexy and Hot Lucille Ball Pictures

The 50s were full of the classiest and the most charming actors. One of which was Lucille Ball, a lovely woman famous for her performance in the old TV series I Love Lucy (1951-1957). She played as Lucy, an aspiring actor who does her best to get into the show business. Unfortunately, this character’s naivety and lack of skill have always arrived in her way. Who is Lucille Ball, and why is this sexy lady so iconic?

Lucille Ball is a perfectionist. She is an industrious woman who defied all the odds in her life to get what she wants. She came to the world on the faithful August 6, 1911, to a lovely couple named Henry Ball and Desiree Hunt. She faced hardships early on in her life, especially when her dad died of typhoid. That tragic event left her with ornithophobia (fear of birds) because on that same day, she witnessed a bird got trapped in their house. Her mother eventually found a new husband (Edward Peterson) and original work.

Her rebellious nature was due to her grandparents, who took care of her and her brother, Fred. Because of the strict implementations imposed by them, she developed a level of antipathy towards authority. Another tragedy fell on her when her brother accidentally shot a neighbor. This event caused her grandfather to sell their house to comply with a settlement. It was the same year when Lucille Ball got the opportunity to study in a drama school, but she got overshadowed by another top student, Betty Davis.

All of the hardships eventually paved off. In 1928, Lucille Ball used the stage name Diane Belmont and decided to model for the then famous modeling agency Hattie Carnegie. This opportunity eventually tarnished after she got a rheumatic fever, which forced her to be unemployed for a couple of years. The “Queen of Bs” got famous for B-grade movies like The Three Musketeers (1935), Room Service (1938), and The Big Street (1942). Eventually, she married Desi Arnaz, who persuaded her to follow a career in broadcasting. She got to host the radio program My Favorite Husband (1948-1951), which was followed by a TV adaptation. 

After a while, she became a part of the sitcom Life With Lucy (1986).

What makes Lucille Ball attractive is her indomitable spirit. That’s what makes her so hot. Aside from that, we know that Lucille Ball has an impressive physique, capable of rocking a bikini body with ease. Her luscious body houses the outstanding curves that she has. Her boobs and her ass are quite majestic. Her face is a work of art, and frankly, her appearance is one of the most iconic ones in the 50s.

Sexy and Hot Lucille Ball Pictures