40 Sexy and Hot Lorde Pictures

Looking at the sexy pictures of Lorde, you know that you will forget your name in awe because of her beauty. Lorde is a famous singer and songwriter. As you browse through her pics, learn more about her. 

Ella Marija Lani O’Connor (Lorde) was born on November 7, 1996, in Auckland. Her father is Vic, an engineer, and Sonja, a poet. Her mother is Croatian, and her father has an Irish descent. Her parents married only in 2017 after 30 years of being together. 

Lorde is one of the four children of her parents, where she is the second from the eldest. Her siblings are Jerry, India, and Angelo. 

At five, her parents enrolled her in a drama class to hone her skills in public speaking. 

Lorde went to Belmont Intermediate School and Vauxhall School. In Belmont Intermediate School, Lorded was a member of the band Extreme. Her group competed at the Bruce Mason Centre and won third place, which is hot.

Sonja influenced her to read various genres. Among them is the novel Freed. Citing lyrics and books helped her develop her songwriting skills. 

While building up her career as a singer, Lorde went to Takapuna Grammar School until she finished her 12th year. 

In 2016, she moved to Herne Bay to live in a 2.01 million dollar home that she purchased. 

Although Lorde is gorgeous in her bikini outfit, it was her talent that made her famous. 

Lorde started her career with Louis McDonald. The two formed a duo and used to sing together at local venues and cafes. Their big break came in when they won a talent show and appeared on Radio New Zealand, where they sang covers of Use Somebody and Mama Do. 

McDonald’s father sent the recordings to Universal Music Group, and Scott Maclachlan, a UMG executive, got her a contract. 

To develop her further, UMG even hired a vocal coach to give her singing lessons two times each week in one year. The company tried to partner her with producers and songwriters, but it did not succeed. Therefore, Lorde performed her written songs instead. 

Lorde sang her original song at the Victoria Theatre for the first time, and Maclachlan partnered her with Joel Little, former lead singer of Goodnight Nurse. Their first album was The Love Club. It paved the way for Lorde to become famous, primarily upon the release of her single Royals. 

This song hit everyone’s ass when it ranked as number one in the Billboard Hot 100. 

Lorde had been in a three-year relationship with James Lowe, a photographer. 

Recently, there are rumors that Lorde and Justin Warren, a promotions director, is in a relationship.

At the age of 16, Lorde became the youngest single that ranked the top chart in the US since 1987. It proves that Lorde is a talented singer, and she does not have to flash her boobs to become who she is now.

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