50 Sexy and Hot Lita Pictures

Amy Christine Dumas, aka the sexy American pro-wrestler Lita, is a former WWE performer. She sometimes does welfare work and is a public activist.

Lita is famous for coming from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she also spent most of her early life. While pursuing a career in academics, Lita transferred to many schools but was able to graduate from Lassiter High School. The hot American pro-wrestler decided to take a degree in education and enrolled at Georgia State University but eventually dropped out.

After that, Lita decided to travel and move households. She transferred to Washington, D.C., Where she worked a couple of jobs, like becoming a roadie and also using her talents to join a band. Lita became a bass player at some point and used it as a way to earn money.

Lita watched an episode of World Championship Wrestling featuring Luchador and Rey Mysterio. The fight was able to inspire her, to the point that she also wants to become one of them. Lita decided to move from Washington to Mexico to take lessons and acquire knowledge of the sport.

While trying hard to do everything work, Lita decided that she needs something to sustain her while she’s staying in Mexico. She decided that dancing is an excellent way to earn money; that’s why she did it and adopted the name Misty.

After several years of training, Lita was finally able to learn and participate in wrestling matches. She took the stage name, Angelica when she joined Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre.

A year after her training, Lita decided to return to the United States and start a professional wrestling career. While she was looking for a fresh start, she was able to secure her very first match in early 1999 against Strawberry Fields.

Sometime after, she started becoming affiliated with Maryland Championship Wrestling, which also allowed her to become Christopher Daniels’ manager.

In early 2000, Lita was finally able to reach her goal of becoming a professional wrestler when she got partnered with Essa Rios. It was also the same time that she used her stage name, abandoning her original one, Angelica.

Lita was also well known for becoming a champion of WWE Women’s Championship that happened four times. She decided to retire from wrestling in the year 2006 and transitioned to music. Lita formed a band named The Luchagors. The next year, the group was able to release their debut album, The Luchagors.

Lita has a perfect figure that would also be wonderful when in a bikini. Even though she decided to look buff for her wrestling ventures, Lita will forever stay pretty in the eyes of her fans.

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Sexy and Hot Lita Pictures