40 Sexy and Hot Linda Park Pictures

Looking at the sexy pictures of Linda Park, you know that she is an epitome of Asian Beauty. If you are a real Star Trek geek, you recognize Linda Park as Hoshi Sato. Get to know more about this woman as you browse through her pictures. 

Linda Park’s birthplace is in South Korea, but she grew up in California. She was born on the 9th of July 1978. Even as a child, Park already had a hot talent as an actress. She used to join her school’s theatrical productions in Bellarmine College Preparatory and Notre Dame High School.  

Park can speak English and Korean fluently. She also knows some French. 

Aside from being an actress, Park is also a dancer. She practiced ballet and a bronze-level ballroom dancer. 

Park went to Boston University and graduated in 2000, taking up a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. While being in college, she went to England to attend the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Park has always been an actress because even in her college, Park also acted on stage. She had Lysistrata, Richard III, The Trojan Women, Mad Forest, and Cyrano de Bergerac in her portfolio.

Her career in Hollywood started when Park played the role of Anna Lin in the Popular series. Park also played a minor role in the movie Jurassic Park III in 2011, where she took the character of an assistant. 

Despite being Asian, Park does not have to be in a bikini to prove her worth as an actress. Her breakthrough came in when she became the Hoshi Sato in the Star Trek: Enterprise. Her role here was a ship’s officer who could translate alien languages. 

In 2003, Park played a significant role in My Prince, My Angel. Also that year, she became part of the play Fuchsia. She also appeared in several play productions such as Agamemnon and All My Sons.

Park became a consistent part of the series Crash in its second season. The character she played was Maggie Cheon. 

Park also appeared in movies and series such as Taken, Spectres, Raines, Life, The Mentalist, House, Legends, Castle, Bosch, The Affair, The Resident, among several others. 

Park also appeared in the Amazing Stories as Dr. Mary Koh in the episode Signs of Life. 

Because Park busted her ass as an actress, she has an estimated net worth of 1 million dollars. Park is also famous online because her social media accounts have thousands of followers. She has almost 8,000 Instagram followers and 24,000 Twitter followers. 

In 2014, she married Daniel Bess, an actor, and in 2018, Park gave birth to a son.

Seeing the stunning photos of Linda Park, it is undeniable that her face, boobs, butt, and everything about her are perfect.

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