50 Sexy and Hot Laurie Holden Pictures

Looking at the sexy pictures of Laurie Holden, you cannot help but smile. Laurie Holden is an actress famous for her role as Marita Covarrubias in The X-Files. There are plenty of reasons why her pictures can make you smile, and you should find it out. 

Heather Laurie Holden was from Los Angeles, born on the 17th of December 1969. She grew up in Toronto and currently holds two citizenship, US and Canada.

Holden has English, German, Irish, Scottish, and Dutch roots. Both her parents, Glen Corbett and Adrienne Ellis, are in the performing industry. When her parents divorced, she had to travel often between Los Angeles and Toronto. 

Holden won the Look of The Year in Toronto, which was a modeling contest.  

Holden graduated in Bishop Strachan School. For college, Holden went to McGill University to take up political science and economics. 

Instead, Holden received her degree at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). 

Holden was already hot at that time because she became part of the National Honor Society and Natalie Wood Acting Awardee in that school.  

Holden went to Columbia University to finish her masters in human rights.

Holden’s career in Hollywood started when she was a child. Holden went to the set to see her stepdad but already got a role in The Martian Chronicles as Rock Hudson’s daughter, Marie Wilder. It happened because the child actress set to play the role never appeared. 

Her film debut was in 1986. Holden took a minor part in the Separate Vacations film as a babysitter. Her stepfather, Michael Anderson, directed the film. 

Holden appeared in the Physical Evidence, which catapulted her to fame in 1989, though the movie was a failure.

From 1988 to the 1990s, Holden did not take significant roles because of her studies. Holden only appeared for guest roles in the series like The Captain Power and Soldiers of the Future.  

Seeing Holden in a bikini, it was not surprising for her to get another breakthrough in 1998. It was the time she played the role of Mary Travis in the series Magnificent Seven. In 2006, Holden became part of the lead role in the Silent Hill movie.

Her other movies are Expect No Mercy, The Majestic, Meet Market, Fantastic Four, The Mist, Dumb and Dumber, The Abolitionists, and More.

Her other TV series are Young Catherine, Secret Services, Destiny Ridge, TekWar, Two, The X-Files, and more. 

Because Holden busted her ass on her roles, she won and received nominations for several awards. It includes Gemini Award for Best Guest Star in Television and Satellite Award for Best Cast in Television Series category and more.  

Holden is a part of an anti-human trafficking organization called the Somaly Mam Foundation. Holden also worked with the Operation Underground Railroad that hunts down child sex offenders. Aside from these organizations, Holden supports Home From Home, an organization that aids children with HIV.

As for her love life, Holden has never been married. Holden is successful in keeping information about her personal life.  

Holden is a wonderful multi-awarded actress with a big heart, which is why her pictures can make you smile. She is the type of actress who does not have to flash her boobs to win everyone’s hearts.

Sexy and Hot Laurie Holden Pictures

Sexy and Hot Laurie Holden Pictures
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