40 Sexy and Hot Lauren Shehadi Pictures

Not everyone knows this sexy celebrity, but baseball enthusiasts probably consider Lauren Shehadi a fixture on their daily sports news. Her love for the game started when she was only 12 years old, and she has not looked back ever since.

People do not know much about this stunning woman’s background, but she is a native of Virginia. Because of her exotic beauty, many assume that she has foreign ancestry, mainly Lebanese. True enough, even amongst other Hollywood hosts, Lauren Shehadi is a definite standout.

In the 1995 American league baseball season, Cal Ripken Jr. broke the record for the highest number of consecutive games played. He exceeded Lou Gehrig’s streak, which the man held for approximately 56 years. This match between the Baltimore Orioles and California Angels is still one of the most-watched baseball battles in television history. Lauren Shehadi attended that game as a child, and she became inspired by Ripken’s dedication to the sport.

The hot brunette graduated from the University of Florida, where she hosted an online sports show called Gatorzone. The aspiring reporter then served as an intern on the Fox sports program, The Best Damn Sports Show Period. There, Lauren Shehadi got to see numerous athletes, coaches, and other sports celebrities.

She first worked for CBS Sports, focusing on college games. Her stint with the network made her more prominent in the right circles, and the beautiful star eventually signed on with the MLB Network in 2012. Together with journalist Robert Flores and former athlete Mark DeRosa, Lauren Shehadi hosts the morning show program titled MLB Central.

Aside from hosting from a studio, the gorgeous woman has also tried her hand in field reporting. Lauren Shehadi will make her debut in the NCAA Tournament in 2021, and we are excited to see her back on the sidelines where the games happen.

As much as we appreciate her knowledge and insight, there is no denying that Lauren Shehadi is major eye candy on our TV screens. She was once a candidate for Playboy’s sexiest sportscaster, with the title eventually going to Erin Andrews. Other personalities who reached the finals were Bonnie Bernstein, Charissa Thompson, and Molly Sullivan.

Lauren Shehadi always brings her A-game fashion on set. Those miniskirts and dresses flatter her generous boobs and ass and undeniably showcase her flawless legs. It is no wonder that this television personality has nearly a hundred thousand followers on her Instagram and Twitter accounts. She usually posts behind the scenes or other sports content, so we would love to see more of Lauren Shehadi in a natural setting. As we wait for the new season to kick in, feel free to check out our collection of bikini photos of this ravishing sports host.

Sexy and Hot Lauren Shehadi Pictures