48 Sexy and Hot Lauren Graham Pictures

Actress and novelist, Lauren Graham remains as talented and hot as she ever was at 50+ years old. It seems that the actress only grew even more stunning through time. The Sexy and Hot Lauren Graham Pictures we have below will highlight that statement!

Born in Hawaii, her father was a candy industry lobbyist, and her mother was a fashion buyer. Before moving to Alexandria, Virginia with her father when she was five years old, the actress first lived in Japan, where her mother grew up, for a couple of years.

During her younger years, Lauren Graham was into horses and was also riding competitively. However, she later switched her passion for acting. The actress developed her love for performing while at Langley High School, then later in Barn Theater, where Lauren Graham attended for two years before getting her actor’s Equity Card.

After completing her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Fine Arts at Barnard College and Southern Methodist University, respectively, she went to New York to pursue an acting career.

However, her entrance in show business didn’t come easy. Lauren Graham initially has to support herself through waitressing, SAT tutorial jobs, and doing publicity appearances wearing a dog mascot. Later, she moved to Hollywood and landed a couple of TV commercials for products, including for Lean Cuisine and Dimetapp.

Lauren Graham also got a hosting part for The Movie Channel. Over the years, the actress co-starred, and guest-starred in various primetime TV shows. She played the role of a graduate student in 3rd Rock from the Sun and girlfriend to leading male characters in shows such as Caroline in the City and Seinfeld. Lauren Graham also appeared in a couple of episodes of Law & Order.  

She also took leading roles for different sitcoms that flopped, including Lush Life, Townies, and MYOB.

However, the career of the actress in the TV scene was only starting. In 2000, Lauren Graham received her breakthrough role for the hit TV series Gilmore Girls. She played as Lorelai Gilmore in the show, securing her a set of nominations for awards for Best Actress in TV during the Golden Globes.

The actress later became one of the producers of the last couple of seasons of the show. Lauren Graham also guest-starred in a couple more TV shows, including Celebrity Poker Showdown and Sunset Strip.

She also worked in various NYU student films, short films, and other major studio releases such as Evan Almighty, Sweet November, Because I Said So, and Bad Santa, among others.

Lauren Graham is yet another Hollywood actress that is undoubtedly sexy yet never bared her ass and boobs on television. Instead, she highlighted her impressive acting talent, and her career grew from there.

Aside from her success on the TV scene, Lauren Graham also ventured in Broadway for Guys and Dolls, playing the role of Miss Adelaide. However, she never left the small screen as she continued to appear in several shows in recent years, such as The Bridget Show and Parenthood.

Many awards and nominations later, Lauren Graham remains one of the best actresses on TV. She’s also undoubtedly gorgeous still. Look at some of her incredible bikini photos, and you’ll know why.

Sexy and Hot Lauren Graham Pictures