40 Sexy and Hot Laura Spencer Pictures

For today’s topic, we decided to focus on Laura Spencer’s beauty and achievements. Throughout the years, we saw this hot talented actress in several TV series, including The Big Bang Theory. If you want to see her most controversial photos, you have to check our image collection. We included some images that feature the fantastic figure of her ass and boobs. Despite having a few bikini shots, Laura can still prove that she’s alluring.

Laura Spencer is a sexy American actress who was born on the 8th of May 1986, at The Sooner State, Oklahoma City. She became known due to her appearances in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Baking Water, and Jan. According to our research, Spencer has been active in the industry since 2009 and has been thriving ever since. 

Regarding her professional life, Spencer’s first movie appearance was in a 2009 independent feature film called Barking Water, where she played the role of Wendy. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, last the 15th of January, 2009.

In the same year, we saw the beautiful actress at a comedy-horror short film called The Familiar as the character of Laura. During this project, Spencer worked with famous Hollywood stars, including Rachel Sehl, Torrance Coombs, and Paul Hubbard. Its story revolves around a naive vampire fan who became an assistant to a real one. It won several international awards, such as the Best Short Film award at the DGC.

In 2010, Laura Spencer took part in five American movies, including The Rounder Comes to Town, Pearl, PSA: An Important Message From Women Everywhere, and Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, where she played the character, Zoe.

After a year, the gorgeous actress appeared in a 2011 comedy-drama film by Nick Lawrence, named Time Expired. Spencer got the role of Brenda, while she worked with Eric Starkey, Carrie Slaughter, Topher Owner, and Rebekah Turner. According to our research, this movie was filmed at Spencer’s hometown, Oklahoma, for a budget of $26,000.

After a few months, Laura Spencer took part in another comedy film called Mangus, where she played the role of Kimmy Jones. This movie stars Heather Matarazzo, John Waters, Ryan Nelson Boggus, and Leslie Jordan. Its story revolves around a typical high school student who lives with her war-veteran dad and stepmom.

Regarding her television appearances, her first appearance was in 2009 Funnell of Darkness. However, she had numerous projects in 2011, when she took part in six series, including the Talent: The Casting Call, Mad Love, and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour, where Spencer played at Sophia. Also, the gorgeous actress was featured on 2 Broke Girl, specifically in “And the Pop-Up Sale” episode as the jewelry counter girl.

After three years, she got a recurring role in a popular television sitcom called The Big Bang Theory, as Raj Koothrapphali’s girlfriend, Emily Sweeney. According to our research, she appeared in 16 episodes.

Sexy and Hot Laura Spencer Pictures