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A tumble of blonde wavy hair with flawless skin that is almost translucent and a pair of bright doll eyes, this 56-year-old actress is indeed a classic beauty in every way. Laura Linney is sexy not just for her looks but for her brain as well.

The American actress was born in New York City in 1964. At a young age, Laura’s world revolved around the theatre industry, where her father Romulus Linney is a prominent playwright.

In 1990, Laura made her theatre debut which was soon followed by countless Broadway productions. Most of Linney’s colleagues describe her performances as “powerful” and “pitch-perfect”. But her drive and ambition for acting led her to undertake further study.

Linney graduated from two prominent universities, Brown and Julliard. The actress also received an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree both from the same universities in 2003 and 2009.

Laura’s acquired skills for theatre acting made her the hottest actress of her age. She began her film career in Lorenzo’s Oil in 1992. Although she appeared in a few minor roles onscreen in the 1990s, film critics recognized Linney for playing Jim Carrey’s wife in the highly acclaimed film The Truman Show.

Later on, she became a recipient of an Academy Award nomination for the film You Can Count On Me and two other films. She also won two Golden Globes and four Emmy Awards.

Her first marriage with David Adkins in 1995 lasted for only five years. In 2007, Linney married real state agent Marc Schauer. On the day of her wedding, Linney’s co-star Liam Neeson from the hit holiday film Love Actually walked her down the aisle.

In 2014, Linney shocked her fans when she broke out the news that she gave birth to her son at 49. During the term of her pregnancy, Laura decided to keep it as a secret. Although Laura was shy of 50 years old, she had a successful delivery to a healthy boy named Bennett Armistead Schauer.

Laura remained active in the theatre. Her extensive theatre work earned her four Tony Award nominations.

Currently, Laura Linney is starring in the hit Netflix crime series Ozark as Wendy Byrde. In her recent interview with Vanity Fair, Linney shared that she also encounters challenges in portraying the role of Wendy in keeping the character interesting and compelling to the audience.

Aside from her onscreen and theatre work, she is also busy homeschooling her now six-year-old son, Bennett.

When it comes to her style, Laura Linney knows how to pull off the right clothes and bikini that will accentuate both her ass and boobs. Any man will surely leave awestruck at the sight of this lovely lady. And if you’re curious, check out more of Laura Linney’s photos that will make you mesmerized.

Sexy and Hot Laura Linney Pictures