43 Sexy and Hot Lara Croft Pictures

Every gamer would know the sexy tomb raider, Lara Croft. For some, her development and release to the gaming market is a strong message and innovation for video game female character leads. It also encourages game development studios to release more figures like her.

Core Design is the studio behind Lara Croft and debuted her in 1996. Mainly, Toby Gard was the one who spearheaded the creation of the iconic video game character.

Croft’s family and ancestry lie along with aristocracy, which she finds tedious and unimportant. She instead seeks enjoyment and self-importance through adventures and treasure hunting.

In most of her video game appearances, Croft is famous for searching for powerful yet dangerous artifacts that are around the world. She also takes credit for some discoveries of the most mysterious places on planet Earth.

However, Croft isn’t just the only one interested in treasures and legends. She is often head-to-head with enemies such as mercenaries and more prominent corporations that also secured intel to the artifacts she is searching.

In successful expeditions, Lara’s loot would often be kept in her manor. There are some circumstances that she needs to destroy these artifacts to prevent it from going to the hands of the enemies.

The popularity of Croft since her debut in the 1990s is steadily increasing. She’s often compared to Metroid’s protagonist, Samus Aran, although there’s a high chance that Croft even surpasses Nintendo’s heroine.

The character of Lara Croft, alongside the Tomb Raider video game franchise, has achieved a total of 6 Guinness world records. With her popularity and critic recognition, Croft made it way past video games and took more forms, including a movie adaptation that is starred by award-winning actress Angelina Jolie in the early 2000s.

Croft’s appearance is often associated with plain colored tank tops, brown shorts, and a pair of combat boots. In some installments, game studios would make alterations of her appearance, but they try to keep the core idea intact.

Her iconic ponytail is also Croft’s default hairstyle in most video game installments. In some cases, she would appear to have braids, and sometimes a combination of both.

For her weapon choice, Croft always has two pistols with her. She’s also known to be proficient in other firearms, more specifically in shotguns.

With Croft’s sexy appearance and alluring bikini body, she became an essential fictional sex symbol even after a decade of her initial release.

Whatever the case, Croft will always stay as a catalyst for the rise of more female leads in the video game industry. She is indeed an icon, but a fitting title for her would be a revolutionary icon in gaming.

If you grew curious about Croft’s figure, then there’s nothing to worry about because we got you covered. We have the best compilation of her ass and boobs photos that will leave you begging for more.

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