46 Sexy and Hot Lana Parrilla Pictures

If there’s a woman who can make evil look sexy and hot, it’s actress Lana Parrilla. The gallery of Sexy and Hot Lana Parrilla Pictures we have below will leave you in awe!!

Best known for her role as the Mayor/Evil Queen in the fairytale-inspired TV series “Once Upon A Time,” the seductive actress is one woman who can play to anyone’s fantasies. Despite portraying one of the show’s most disliked characters, there’s no denying her seductive nature can make any man or woman eat from the palm of her hands.

However, outside the ABC hit-series, Lana is a light-hearted and likable person. She’s got one of the most radiant and heartwarming smiles on television. She also has an exciting and relatable persona, as well as common interests with everyone else.

She enjoys TV series like “American Horror Story,” “Revenge,” and “Game of Thrones.” She considers these shows her “go-to,” even though she’s fallen so behind on keeping up with episodes. She’s also a sucker for horror movies and thrillers. Deep down, Lana is just a regular girl who likes sports and outdoor activities. She also studies boxing as a way to pay homage to her father, who was a “Golden Gloves” champion. 

Lana’s love for acting started at a young age. Even at three years old, she would imitate commercials in front of her family. This interest escalated quickly, and by the age of eight, she was already practice-crying in front of the mirror. From then on, her family knew they had to do something to hone in on Lana’s potential.

Even before her success in Once Upon A Time, she was already an accomplished actress. Her numerous movie and TV performances include roles in shows like “Spin City” (2000-2001), “Boomtown” (2002-2003), and “Windfall” (2006), among others. She also played the role of Sara Gavin in the entire fourth season of “24” (2005).

In 2011, Lana went on to land a more prominent role as Once Upon Time’s antagonistic Mayor, Regina Mills. Lana’s character, both loved and hated by many fans, allowed her to showcase her range as an actress. In the show, she successfully portrayed both the villain and the hero. Beneath the character’s vengeful nature is a woman driven by intense desire, pain, love, and loss. 

Lana’s performance on the show earned her recognition as TV Guide Awards’ “Favorite Villain” (2012), the ALMA Awards’ “Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series” (2012), and a nomination at the 38th Saturn Awards for “Best Supporting Actress on Television.”

Outside of acting, Lana Parrilla is one sultry woman. Her Puerto Rican and Italian roots contribute a whole lot to her inner fire and sensuality. With her fantastic body, she’s never shied away from donning a bikini because she knows she looks good in it. Lana’s got a curvy body blessed with a great pair of boobs, a tiny waist, and a tight ass.

Sexy and Hot Lana Parrilla Pictures

Sexy and Hot Lana Parrilla Pictures
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