42 Sexy and Hot Lacey Evans Pictures

Macey Estrella-Kadlec or better known as the hot wresting professional Lacey Evans, is currently working for WWE. SmackDown fans may instantly recognize her due to a lot of appearances in the brand.

Evans grew up in a problematic household in Georgia. Despite having a rough start, she was still able to pull off a stable career, as well as to succeed in her father’s dream to enter the professional wrestling scene.

Before Evans made a name in WWE, she first had a career in the military starting at the age of 19, when she first enlisted for a program. Evans spent five years in service and decided to start a business venture while still in the Marines.

A staff sergeant is responsible for Evans’ appearance in the professional wrestling scene by introducing her to it. Evans made her professional debut in American Premier Wrestling in 2014, which has also given her the World Heavyweight Championship.

Two years after, Evans successfully landed a contract with WWE, providing her with the first appearance in a battle royal event. She also scored a presence in the NXT brand alongside Sarah Bridge.

Evans’ first most notable feud is with Sane, which also happened under NXT’s episodes. It concluded shortly afterward, and Sane emerged victorious of the last bout. The American pro-wrestler would later win matches and would have the chance to enter NXT Women’s Championship.

After her NXT career, she moved into WWE’s Raw brand, where she also become one of the main rosters. She made a royal rumble debut shortly after being promoted towards RAW.

Evans achieved her first SmackDown feud with Becky Lynch and later on challenging her to a championship match. Their feud would even continue in RAW because of Evans’ eagerness to follow Lynch wherever she goes.

The fight between Evans and Lynch would be settled in 2019 through a mixed tag-team match with Evans and Corbin teaming up to defeat Lynch and Rollin. Lynch, with her partner, would eventually come out victorious, marking their feud’s end.

Evans continued to appear in different episodes of both SmackDown and RAW due to her popularity. The American pro wrestler will have an appearance in Women’s Money in the Bank, which will air on May 10 after winning a match in Friday Night SmackDown on April 24, 2020.

The sexy American pro wrestler made her debut in the video game WWE 2K19 on its DLC, “Rising Stars.” She would eventually join the roster in the next year’s installment, WWE 2K20.

With her military background, it is no shocker that Evans was able to maintain a lean physique. Aside from that, her current career is demanding in terms of being fit and bulky, as always.

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