52 Sexy and Hot La La Anthony Pictures

La La Anthony possesses a hot ass that will surely make you want to glue your eyes on her all day. When you Google her and find her images online, this sexy public personality makes you drool because of her sexually enticing buttocks that she proudly struts in her pics. Not only that, but La La also owns a physique which bikinis of assorted styles, brands, and colors hug perfectly.

If you want to view more of this daring babe’s sizzling-hot images, we have a collection of them in this article. You will enjoy the curvaceous ass, boobs, and overall phenomenal body of this famous sexpot. But you should know that there is more to La La than meets the eye.

Alani Nicole is the name of this bombshell. When she was still single, her surname was Vázquez. Yes, she is Mrs. Anthony, the better half of Carmelo Anthony, who is currently Portland Trail Blazers’ power and small forward. La La’s birth date is June 25, 1981, which makes her zodiac sign Cancer.

Also, she is a New Yorker, calling Brooklyn as her birthplace. La La’s parents are of Puerto Rican descent, but they had spent most of their lives in New York City. Thus, La La considers herself as Afro-Puerto Rican. She has shared the care, love, and attention of her Dad and Mom with her younger siblings, and they are Christian, Aviana, and Solana. As for her education, La La attended Howard University, where she was a communication major. 

As of June 2020, La La has been active as an actress, TV personality, entrepreneur, and author. Yes, she is undoubtedly multi-talented and feisty. The wife of the National Basketball Association professional basketball player has worked as a radio and TV host, with stints at the 92.3 The Beat in Los Angeles, as well as in MTV’s popular programs, such as “Total Request Live” and “Direct Effect.” La La interviewed plenty of high-profile celebrities during her time working at MTV. They consist of Angelina Jolie, her ex-husband Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Tom Cruise, and many more.

La La also launched Krossover Productions. Her production firm released “Tyson,” the critically acclaimed documentary movie about the world-famous American professional boxer. Interestingly, the 2009 Cannes Film Festival met La La’s 2008 documentary film project with a standing ovation.

As for her acting credits, La La was a part of the cast of many motion picture projects. They consist of titles like “Double Play,” “1982,” “Two Can Play That Game,” “Think Like a Man,” “Chi-Raq,” and “Gun,” among many others. Plus, Lala has appeared in numerous TV and reality TV series. The titles in her portfolio include “La La’s Full Court Life,” “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,” “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” “Daytime Divas,” “BH90210,” “Deuces,” “For the Love of Ray J,” “I Love New York,” and plenty of others. 

As a businesswoman, La La is behind the fashion brands MOTIVES by La La, 5th and Mercer, and La La Anthony Collection. The fashion and beauty entrepreneur offers products for women, such as mineral-based cosmetics and women’s apparel. Did you know that La La is a New York Times best-selling author? In 2014, her first publication titled, “The Love Playbook,” made it atop the prestigious reading list. The best-selling book featured La La sharing how she discovered triumph and affection on her terms. Plus, it came with a sequel titled, “The Power Playbook,” which hit the bookstore shelves in May 2015.

As you can see, La La is an accomplished woman. Not only that, but she also shines with her stunning 5’6″ tall height and sexually captivating body that measures 39-28-40 inches. 40 inches? Yes, that is correct. La La possesses magnificent and powerful hips that perfectly complement her sexy waist and titillating boobs. This black-haired and hazel-eyed beauty also dazzles as a social media influencer.

La La owns the Instagram handle @lala, and, as of June 2020, she has more than 10.4 million followers on the famous, Facebook-owned photo and video-sharing platform. You will relish the following visual delights that accent La La’s hot ass. She is a fantastic 21st-century woman who owns not only an incredible body but also a daring-and-uncaring, winning attitude. Enjoy!

Sexy and Hot La La Anthony Pictures

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