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Born on October 16, 1986, Kristine Leahy grew up in Chicago. At a young age, she began loving sports. Kristine Leahy finished her secondary schooling in Prairie Ridge High School (Illinois) in 2005. She went to Boston University and completed her BS Journalism.

During her university days, Kristine Leahy joined a team that created BUTV. She co-hosted the sports show for three years.

After graduating from Boston University, Kristine Leahy landed a job in WEEI, a radio station that covers sports events and anything related to it. She worked for two years. Kristine got an official reporter position for Celtics.com, the official site of Boston Celtics. Then, she became a reporter at FOX Boston. Kristine covered all sports-related events (including teams) in Boston.

In 2012, Kristine Leahy became a sideline reporter (Turner’s Sports) when she moved to Los Angeles. After that, Leahy worked for the different outlets of CBS sports and the CBS Los Angeles. She also worked with American Ninja Warrior.

Her numerous stint in sport-related hosting earned her fame.  In 2015, Leahy joined Colin Cowherd in his new show in FOX. Colin Cowherd wanted a feminine voice in his TV show, thus the casting of Leahy. Besides, Leahy gained prominence from her previous jobs. If she’s not reporting, Leahy tries her hand on production and sometimes editing.

But, in 2017, she became the center of controversy when Lavar Ball, owner of Big Baller Brand, disrespected the sports anchor. Lavar Ball even threatened her throughout the interview. It shows the side of Lavar as being sexist while Leahy managed the entire incident with professionalism and dignity.

Leahy doesn’t reveal much about her family. All we know is her two brothers. The sports anchor is dating a sports trainer, Aaron Hines. It’s a rumor, but she never confirmed or denied it.

Aside from sports reporting, Leahy loves rap and animals. That’s what she told the world in one of her posts. She even posts many pictures of her dog Jersey in her Instagram account. As of the moment, her net worth is around $2Million.

Leahy is a big fan of Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls. She often wears her MJ shirt in her posts. Her favorite movie is Space Jam that star Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny.

Leahy is a tall woman, and fans wonder why she never pursued a modeling career. She also has a sexy and hot body that is perfect for a beach bikini, flaunting her ass and boobs. Looking at her, Leahy’s one of those American celebrities that are so stunning in front of the camera.

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