45 Sexy and Hot Krista Allen Pictures

This sexy American actress has been in the industry for over 25 years, and Krista Allen has starred in numerous television shows. You have probably seen her in a program or two, so let us look at some details regarding this beautiful woman.

The lovely brunette was a native of California, but her family moved to Texas, where she spent most of her childhood years. Unlike other actresses in Hollywood, Krista Allen did not venture into acting right away. She initially wanted to become a teacher, and her college degree reflected that. The stunning celebrity attended university in Texas.

Although she did not pursue a career in teaching, the gorgeous star earned her qualifications to become a yoga instructor. With that title attached to her name, Krista Allen has a fantastic figure, even with her advancing age. Even before and now, the hot actress has an hourglass shape that flaunts her generous boobs and ass.

We are quite surprised she has not ventured into modeling professionally because Krista Allen undeniably has the proportions to make it big in that industry. Either way, this star has gained recognition in her chosen career path.

Her breakthrough role was in the Emmanuelle television films, a series of erotic sci-fi flicks. She was the lead character for all eight TV movies. Such a daring task might be difficult for new artists, but Krista Allen pulled it off wonderfully. Apart from her spectacular acting skills, her charm and sex appeal was undeniable factors to her success as well.

Krista Allen has a longer resume for television compared to film. However, some of her notable works include the buddy comedy Anger Management, the supernatural horror The Final Destination, and the thriller Black Widow.

The striking woman had several high-profile relationships and two previous marriages. She had an on-off relationship with Firefly actor Nathan Fillion and award-winning celebrity George Clooney. Her first partner was a production manager. She married Justin Morritt in 1996 but split three years later. They have a son named Jacob Nolan.

Her second husband was rapper Mams Taylor. They tied the knot in 2010, but their separation happened in 2011. Krista Allen is currently single, and we have not heard of a new or possible love interest. Whatever she decides, we hope that this fierce blonde finds her happily ever after soon.

Her latest work is the 2019 television movie, I Almost Married a Serial Killer, while her last product on the big screen was in 2012. We would love to see more of this talented actress in upcoming projects. While waiting, feel free to check out our extensive collection of bikini photos of the exquisite Krista Allen.

Sexy and Hot Krista Allen Pictures