60 Sexy and Hot Kesha Pictures

Kesha, born in California on March 1, 1987, is an American singer and songwriter. Kesha has a sexy, hot body that looks great in bikini and daring clothes, flaunting her curves, ass, and boobs. It’s only natural we put together a selection of the top Sexy and Hot Kesha Pictures ever published.

Her mother was a former singer while Kesha never met her father. She suspected that her biological father might be Mick Jagger. During her childhood, Kesha would accompany her mother in many performances. Through these performances, she learned the art of singing and performing.

Kesha attended two different high schools, Franklin HS and Brentwood HS. She was an intelligent student who often aced her classes, but her classmates bullied her for her weird fashion style. Later, she stopped with her college studies and pursued a career in music.

Kesha was 18 years old when she got her breakthrough in the music industry. Dr. Luke liked her demo recordings and signed her for a record deal. However, her rise to fame only came when Kesha sang Right Round. The song reached number 1 and got a feature in the Hangover as one of the soundtracks.

Kesha signed a deal with RCA and released her album, Animal. The album was a collaboration with other artists such as Dr. Luke, Benny Blanco, and Max Martin. The album was a massive hit to the audience. One song with the title Tik Tok in the album was a big hit, setting the music charts on fire. This song made Kesha an instant celebrity. So far, her song was the most downloaded single in digital music.

In 2010, Kesha released her extended play with title Cannibal. Two of the nine songs made entries to music charts. Kesha released another song in 2011 (I ma the dance commander, I command you to dance). In 2012, Kesha collaborated with Biz Markie.

Her second album was Warrior with a hint of rock music. Kesha’s two singles on the album were commercial successes, making her the most influential musicians. She joined Pitbull on a world tour. The two sang the Timber and became her third popular single.

Kesha’s career met with controversy when she accused Dr. Luke of emotional and physical abuse. The two went to court to settle the dispute. Kesha took a break from her music career. She returned in 2016. Her first performance after almost two years of inactivity was True Colors. Later, Kesha released a studio version.

A fun fact about Kesha is that she’s a minister, an ordained one for that matter. She’s a supporter of gays, often marrying them off many times. Because of Kesha’s unconventional take on homosexuality, people ask if she’s gay. Kesha never gave a straight answer, often saying love isn’t a gender thing. She loves to promote equality when it comes to sexuality.

Kesha has an eating disorder, which caused a yoyo effect on her weight. She even has to undergo rehabilitation for her disorder. Despite the eating disorder, Kesha is quite confident about how she expresses herself in terms of fashion style.

Well, how could she not? Here are some pics worth your interest.

Sexy and Hot Kesha Pictures

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