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Born on January 17, 1989, in California,  Kelly Marie Tran grew up in San Diego. Her parents came from Vietnam during the war as refugees. Below, we will go through her life and career and showcase an alluring set of Sexy and Hot Kelly Marie Tran Pictures. You will love them!

Her family had a rough start but eventually managed to survive. Her father used to work in a burger chain to support them. 

Tran worked part-time to earn money in a yogurt shop. Tran used the money for her headshots. The young Tran finished her BA Communications at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Kelly Marie Tran started her Hollywood career in 2011. Before getting an agent, her first appearances were in CollegeHumor and some small TV parts. In 2011, Tran sought the help of a commercial agent. The agent requested her to take improvisation lessons in Upright Citizens Brigade. Tran became part of an all-female improv group, which consisted of Asian-American aspirants.

Tran starred in Ladies LIke, a web series in 2013. in 2015, she worked as an assistant in Century City, a recruiting firm.

Tran got her breakthrough when she landed the role of Rose Tico in The Last Jedi.  The character is her first significant part in a film. Tran is the first celebrity with Asian ancestry to play a leading role in Star Wars. However, before Tran landed the role, she auditioned five times.

According to her, Tran was more of a Harry Potter fan than Star Wars. She never watched a Star Wars movie in her younger years. When Tran got the role, she lied about filming it to her parents and people closest to her. Tran even bought some maple syrup to convince them.

In 2018, Tran landed the leading role in Passenger List, a thriller podcast. She was also a regular name in Sorry for Your Loss. Her most recent character in a series is Val Little in Monsters at Work, a Disney series. Tran will also lend her voice to Dawn in The Croods 2.

Despite her breakthrough in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Tran suffered online harassment and attacks. Tran is one of the “people of colors” who represent under-represented Asian-American actresses and actors in Hollywood. Tran’s appearance garnered the spark of hatred from racists. 

One of her attackers was Paul Ray Ramsey, an internet personality. These attacks prompted Tran to remove her posts in her social media account six months after the release of the movie. Her co-stars and other prominent people in the industry defended Tran against her attackers.

After months of silence, Tran talked about the harassment in the New York Times.

When the next installment of Star Wars came, starring Tran as Rose Tico, fans noticed that she only appeared for around 10 minutes throughout the movie. It was a disappointment to her fans.

Anyways, let’s end the article with some of Tran’s sexy, hot photos in bikini and daring wardrobe, flaunting her curves, ass, and boobs.

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