46 Sexy and Hot Kelly LeBrock Pictures

British models are something worthy of acknowledgment. They are all glamorous and gorgeous as if they’re born for the job. One such example is Kelly Lebrock, a US-born English supermodel/actor. She started as a model, debuting as a one for a British Airways ad.

Do you remember the phrase “You hate me because I’m beautiful”? It was her who popularized it in a Pantene ad! Who is Kelly Lebrock, and despite her age, why is she still terribly beautiful?

Kelly LeBrock grew up in Kensington, London, even though she was a New York City native. Born on March 24, 1960, she is a mixture of different ethnicities, ranging from French-Canadian to Irish. As a young kid, Kelly LeBrock went to school in Buckinghamshire. When Kelly LeBrock was 16 years old, she returned to New York. Her modeling career in the Big Apple began, and during her years working hard as a model, Kelly LeBrock got featured in Vogue and Christian Dior.

After some time in modeling, she decided to try out acting. Her debut film came when she was 24 years old. She played as Charlotte in the movie The Woman in Red (1984), the film responsible for her gaining a cult of followers as if she became the symbol of eroticism in her generation. After that, she performed as an actor in the film Weird Science (1985), where she solidified her place in the acting industry. Starting in 1990, she starred in multiple films like Hard to Kill (1990), Betrayal of the Dove (1993), Tracks of a Killer (1995), and finally, the hit action film Hard Bounty (1995).

She has made several film appearances in the early 2000s. These films include The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2002) and Gamers: The Movie (2006). She voluntarily stepped out of the limelight after those films, but she appeared again in Hell’s Kitchen (2005-present), during the third season, and in the documentary Don’t You Forget About Me (2009). She may have retired, but she made a comeback in films like Hidden Affairs (2013) and A Prince for Christmas (2015).

Here you’ll see why Kelly LeBrock is a supermodel. In this collection of her hottest photos known to humanity, we’ll showcase how much of a bombshell Kelly LeBrock was, especially in her peak days.

Her body was a thing of beauty. Her face? It’s a sight for sore eyes. The boobs and ass that she has are capable of stunning any man that dare gaze upon her luscious, sexy bikini body. Her photoshoots as a model are quite exemplary, considering how hot Kelly Lebrock was during her modeling career days.

Kelly LeBrock is a woman of class, beauty, and sophistication.

Sexy and Hot Kelly LeBrock Pictures