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Born on February 9, 1996, Kelli Berglund rose to stardom with her persistence and perseverance.  No one in her family had experience in acting. But, her parents raised her as a danseuse in Moorpark, California. Our Sexy and Hot Kelli Berglund Pictures are alluring, her sttory is magical! Read on for more!

Her journey began when a talent scout noticed her during a dance performance. Berglund appeared in many commercials as early as nine years old. She was ten when Kelli starred in an indie film, “Bye Bye Benjamin.” Berglund appeared in a Hip Hop Harry, a musical TV series because of her dancing talent. She joined the TV series until 2008, a two-year stint showing her dancing prowess.

Her first audition was for the film The Game Plan. Berglund didn’t get the role but had an opportunity to act alongside Dwayne Johnson. This acting role cemented Berglund’s decision to pursue acting. However, the sexy, young actress experienced rejection many times. 

Berglund didn’t give up and auditioned many times. Berglund got her breakthrough when she landed the leading role as Bree in Lab Rats. The audience loved the series so much that the production ran the series for four seasons and a spin-off sequel. The sequel was a rare occurrence in a Disney series.

Kelli often expresses her creativity through lyrical dancing with contemporary and jazz music. She’s also active in the fashion industry. Her nickname was hair chameleon to Twist Magazine. Why? Because fans often see her in different hair colors and styles, from blond to brunette, from bold bangs to hair extensions.

Another notable performance of Kelli is her voice role in the soundtrack, Do You Want to Build a Snowman in Frozen, a critically acclaimed Disney animation. Since bagging the role of Bree in Lab Rats, Berglund starred in numerous films and TV shows.

In 2017, Berglund displayed her talents in singing, dancing, and acting in a stage drama. She played Belle in Beauty and The Beast, a production by Pasadena Playhouse. The show was a contemporary version of the classic fairytale with comedy, dancing, and singing.

In 2019, Berglund appeared as a young Gwen Verdon in Fosse/Verdon with co-stars Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams. The series highlighted Berglund’s dancing talent. Berglund also starred in Now Apocalypse, a comedy series lasting for ten episodes.

Her most recent recurring role is in the Animal Kingdom. She had a leading role in Ghost in the Graveyard, alongside Jake Busey.

Outside the limelight, Berglund is an active supporter of child abuse victims. She often donates to Audrey Hepburn CARES Team and actively participating in civic causes. Aside from the organization, Berglund also is a supporter of Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

Kelli Berglund is a versatile actress who knows how to act, sing, and dance. Also, she’s a rising star with a sexy, hot, bikini body. Here are some photos flaunting her curves, ass, and boobs.

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