45 Sexy and Hot Katie Lee Pictures

Looking at the sexy pictures of Katie Lee, you can already tell that she has charming beauty. Katie Lee is a famous food critic known for her appearances in various cooking shows. As you browse her photos, find out more details about her.

Katherine Lee was from Huntington, West Virginia, and born on the 14th of September 1981. She is the child of Steve and Kim. Her hot looks are due to her American and Asian ancestry.

Even when she was a toddler, Lee already had a passion for cooking. Lee already knew how to cook when she was four. Her grandma, Dora, guided her as Lee prepared the crops she gathered from her grandpa’s garden. 

Aside from cooking, Lee also loves traveling and surfing. Lee is also an animal lover and owns a pug.

Lee went to Miami University to study food science and journalism and became a sorority member of Kappa Alpha Theta. In 2003, Lee graduated.

Before Lee became as famous as she is today, she worked in various wine stores and restaurants. Lee worked as the house fishmonger for Jeff and Eddy’s restaurant.

Lee does not have to be in a bikini to appear on TV shows.

In 2005, Lee worked with Aleishall Girard to run a website Oliveandpeach.com, which had been her ticket to fame.

Her debut on TV was the Top Chef, where she hosted during its first season. Although Padma Lakshmi replaced her, she reappeared on the show as a guest judge.

Aside from the Top Chef, Lee also contributed to The Early Show and appeared on Extra. 

Her other appearances include Paula’s Party, Today, The Nate Berkus Show, Fox News, Martha, The Early Show, and Rachel Ray Show. Lee also became a judge on Iron Chef.

Aside from her cooking career, Lee also busted her ass to write books. Her first publication was The Comfort Table. In 2009, she released the next one, The Comfort Table: Recipes for Everyday Occasions. In 2011, Lee published her novel Groundswell.

Lee was a contributor to the Gotham magazine. She also has her column called Katie’s Kitchen, which is one of the contents of Gotham’s sister publication called Hamptons. 

Lee also did some philanthropies. Lee supports Feeding America. She had been part of the Council for Chefs for Humanity that provides international humanitarian charity. Lee also took part in the Les Dames d‘Escoffier that aims to educate women in culinary.

In 2004, Lee married Billy Joel in Long Island despite the massive gap between their age. However, the two separated in 2009.

In 2018, Lee became engaged to Ryan Biegel and got married months later. In 2020, she said that she was pregnant.

Lee is a great writer and a food expert. She does not have to flash her boobs to become famous because she has already proven her skills. 

Sexy and Hot Katie Lee Pictures