44 Sexy and Hot Katie Cassidy Pictures

By reading this article, we are guessing that you are one of the fans of “Arrow,” the exciting superhero TV series that The CW Television Network offers. You must be a fantasy-adventure lover who not only felt entertained by the riveting content but also someone who felt stunned by the charm of Katie Cassidy. As one of the leading actresses in “Arrow,” fanatics of Katie admire her for her impeccable acting skills, breathing so much life into the character of Laurel Lance and her transformation from being a lawyer into a vigilante. Katie surely made her audience, including yourself, unable to afford to miss any of the episodes of the gripping series. 

If you are reading our article about Katie because you love her hot legs, we are going to make you smile more from ear to ear today. It is because we will show you not only her million-dollar pair of legs but also her super-sexy bikini body. We are sure Katie wowed you with her sultry physique. Plus, you will grin more because you will get to see the teasing views of Katie’s curvy boobs and well-toned, foxy ass. Our offerings are surely a delight, aren’t they? But before we give you the visual treats we just promised, allow us to provide you with a little background about the pretty actress.

Katie Cassidy has a beautiful and very female-sounding first name: Katherine Evelyn Anita. Furthermore, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, a Fire symbol, as her birth date is November 25, 1986. Katie is a certified Angeleno, with Los Angeles, California being her hometown. Furthermore, showbiz is in her blood as her biological father is singer-actor David Cassidy, and her mom is Sherry Williams, a fashion model. Although her Dad confirmed that he was not present while Katie was growing up, the 1970s pop singing superstar relayed that he is proud of what she has accomplished.

Katie attended Calabasas High School, and she was a component of the California Flyers, a competitive cheerleader group. Then, she began her TV career in 2003, appearing as the young Candace “CD” DeLorenzo in one episode of “The Division,” titled “Oh Mother, Who Art Thou?” Besides, the California native got cast in one episode of TV drama series “7th Heaven,” as Ella Simms in “Melrose Place,” and as Juliet Sharp in two seasons of “Gossip Girl.”

Katie has also been busy in the movie industry since 2006. The psychological horror movie “When a Stranger Calls” featured her portraying the character of Tiffany Madison. The film portfolio of Katie also includes titles like “Monte Carlo,” “Spin,” “Live!” and “The Scribbler,” as among plenty of her other movie projects. Did you know that aside from being a movie and TV actress, Katie is also a director? She directed one of the episodes of “Arrow” in 2019 titled “Leap of Faith.”

So, if you are looking for the images displaying the sizzling-hot legs of Katie, we can confirm to you that she is one leggy blonde bombshell with a height of five feet and seven inches tall. Also, this curvaceous piece of magnificence has a winning smile, making her a certified head-turner. Katie has body measurements of 34-24-34 inches. Plus, she fits and looks dazzling on titillating size-4 dresses and evening gowns with thigh-high slits. We are sure that you cannot wait to land your eyes on the sexually captivating pictures of this sexy blue-eyed star, so here they are. Enjoy!