43 Sexy and Hot Kathy Ireland Pictures

Nothing turns a man on than a strong, independent woman. Kathy Ireland is an example of that, considering how she transformed from a model to an entrepreneur. Her rise to the dominance hierarchy has inspired a lot of people to achieve their dreams. If Kathy Ireland can do it, so can you.

Born as Kathleen Marie Ireland on March 20, 1963, she has always been so diligent. She even worked as a paperboy and sold hand-painted stones back when she was a young girl! She debuted as a model back in 1980, where she got picked by Elite Modelling Agency. Once she got a taste of success, she has never turned back. She forged onwards towards the promising modeling career she has in front of her.

Her meteoric rise to stardom came when she appeared on Sports Illustrated magazine for the first time. Doing so well the first time, She got the opportunity to at least get featured around thirteen more times. Nice! Her first TV appearance was with Charles in Charge (1985). This exposure may be brief, but that’s all she needed.

In 1989, Kathy Ireland appeared in several films such as Journey to the Center of the Earth (1989) and Worth Winning (1989). She proceeded to star in two more movies the following year: Side Out (1990) and Mr Destiny (1990). The 90s was the peak of her working career as a model, actress, and entrepreneur. Some of her filmographies are as follows: Necessary Roughness (1991), Mom and Dad Save the World (1992), Danger Island (1992), Loaded Weapon 1 (1993), and Once Upon a Christmas (2010).

Her entrepreneurial ventures started in 1993. Kathy Ireland Worldwide, a brand marketing company that initially started taking care of clothing and accessories. Eventually, they’ve expanded their control and decided to be involved with other business opportunities like dresses for social gatherings, gowns, footwear, home furnishing, etc. Anything Kathy Ireland has put her hands on, it flourished. Under her guidance, her company racked up an annual $2B in profit sales.

In 2005-2012, Kathy Ireland Worldwide went through massive expansion, diversifying its reach, which ends up to an annual $2B in sales. The British Vogue recognized her as the wealthiest model in their May 2012 issue.

Kathy Ireland is a conqueror. From a model to CEO, everything that she’s ever taken care of grew and flourished; her career, her company, her employees, etc. Adding up to that is the fact that she is a hot model with a gorgeous and sexy body. Her ass and her boobs get fantasized by men all around the world. Her bikini body is as stunning as it possibly gets. Beauty, looks, power, and empathy; she has it all.

Sexy and Hot Kathy Ireland Pictures