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American Idol fifth season runner up Katharine McPhee is now a sexy singer and songwriter that is responsible for producing chart-topping singles. She was involved in 5 record labels throughout her career as well. We have curated on this page Sexy and Hot Katharine McPhee Pictures, for your viewing pleasure.

The American singer spent her childhood in Los Angeles, California. In her teenage years, the family moved to Sherman Oaks, where she also showed her full singing potential. Her father decided to become stern when it comes to her singing skills and further trained her to improve.

She finished a high school program at Notre Dame High School, where she also honed most of her performing skills thanks to school performance productions. Afterward, she enrolled in Boston Conservatory and pursued a degree in musical theater.

McPhee is supposed to get her degree after a short time of waiting, but her manager decided that it is better to leave school and pursue a career in acting instead. The American singer took her manager’s advice and moved to Los Angeles to try auditioning for roles.

She landed a part in MTV’s You Are Here, but it never made it into TV. McPhee had a role in Annie Get Your Gun, which is a 2005 production that also gave her a nomination for an award. That same year, she filmed for her part in Crazy, which is a music-oriented film.

McPhee later made it to the audition of American Idol’s fifth season. After a year of competing, she emerged as a runner up of the season, and afterward, she gained the break that she meant to have for a long time.

She signed a contract with RCA Records, and immediately, she started to work on a self-titled album that had its release in 2007. Three years later, McPhee transferred to Verve Forecast Records to release her second studio album, Unbroken. It entered the Billboard Top 200 immediately after it got its release and peaked at the spot of 27.

In late 2010, McPhee released her holiday-themed third studio album, which scored the 11th spot in Billboards Top Holiday Albums list.

In 2014, after a quite long hiatus, McPhee dropped her fourth studio album titled Hysteria. Her fifth and recent album arrived in late 2017 titled I Fall in Love Too Easily.

Aside from singing, she scored several acting roles after her times in American Idol’s fifth season. Some of her notable characters appeared in The House Bunny, Shark Night 3D, and Smash. CBS also hired McPhee to play as Paige Dineen in their series, Scorpion, that started airing in 2014 and ended in 2018.

With her hot appearance on-screen and soulful voice, McPhee is easy to remember by anyone. At the age of 36, the American singer still wears a bikini suit whenever she travels, which is visible through her social media accounts.

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Sexy and Hot Katharine McPhee Pictures

Sexy and Hot Katharine McPhee Pictures
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