60 Sexy and Hot Karlie Kloss Pictures

It is undeniable that Karlie Kloss is sexy in all her pictures. However, is Karlie just a woman with a beautiful face and a gorgeous body? Get to know more about her as you browse through her photos.

Karlie Elizabeth Kloss was from Illinois, born on the 3rd of August 1992. She is one of the four daughters of Kurt and Tracy. Her father is an emergency physician, while her mother is a freelance director. Kloss has German, Danish, and Polish roots. 

In 1994, her family went to St. Louis and eventually settled in Goshen in 2013 to support her career as a model. Kloss had ballet training, which she said helped her in modeling, especially in the runway.

Despite being the sister-in-law of Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the model revealed that she was a Democrat and supported Hilary Clinton during the 2016 US presidential election.

Kloss took her secondary education in Webster Groves High School and became a cheerleader. She went to New York University under the Gallatin School of Individualized Study in 2015. 

Her professional career as a model started when somebody discovered her potential while performing in a charity fashion show in St. Louis while Kloss was only 13. Mother Management helped her launch her modeling career until she was already earning 1 million dollars annually by the age of 18.

When Kloss was 17, she was already hot in the eye. Vogue Paris listed her among the top 30 models of the millennium at that time. What made Kloss an eye-catching model was her panther-like walking style as she strode the runway.  

Seeing her in a bikini, you know that Kloss has the body of Victoria’s Secret angel. In 2011, the model debuted in the show’s runway. She had been active as an angel until she decided to quit because being a model there did not portray the image of who she was.

Forbes ranked Kloss as the third of the highest-paid model in the world in 2016. Kloss’s ass was comparable to that of Kendall Jenner’s because of her 10 million dollars’ worth of annual earnings. It was not surprising because she has represented prestigious brands like Carolina Herrera, L’Oreal, and Swarovski.

In 2012, Kloss started dating Joshua Kushner, a businessman. They became engaged in 2018 and converted to Judaism, which was the religion of Kushner.

In 2018, the couple tied the knot in New York and celebrated their second wedding in Wyoming in 2019. 

Kloss and Kushner joined the March for Our Lives in Washington in 2018. 

Kloss collaborated with Momofuku Milk Bar to create the Karlie’s Kookies. The sales of these cookies aim to benefit hungry children worldwide through FEED. The model deemed the cookie as the “Perfect 10” because every item of it sold will feed 10 starving children. 

In 2015, Kloss founded the Kode With Klossy that promotes programming for young girls.  

Because of her achievements, philanthropy, and education, Kloss proves that she has the beauty, heart, and brains. She is not just a model with a gorgeous face and perfect boobs.

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