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Kaori Housako is the real name of Kairi Sane, a Japanese wrestler, born on September 23, 1988. Kairi Sane is her current ring name in WWE Raw. She’s tag team with Asuka.

Kaori Housako finished her tertiary education from Hosei University. She completed a degree in Japanese literature. After graduation, Kaori Housako pursued an acting career for a brief period. She played some roles in theater plays.

However, Kaori Housako found out that her destiny wasn’t acting. She received a training program from Fuka in professional wrestling.

Before signing up for WWE, Kaori Housako started her career in professional wrestling in 2011 with the World Wonder Ring Stardom. Her ring name in the company was Kairi Hujo. That time, Kairi Sane and Natsumi Showzuki teamed up and won the Goddess of Stardom.

Throughout her years in Ring Stardom, Kairi Sujo won many accolades and awards, including the World of Stardom Champion. Kairi Sujo also won other awards, such as Goddess of Stardom Champion (three times) and Artist of Stardom Champion (four times). Kairi Sujo stayed with Ring Stardom for six years.

After her contract expiration with Ring Stardom, Housako joined WWE. She signed a contract for three years in 2017. The Japanese professional wrestler used Kairi Sane as a ring name. Kairi Sane became an instant celebrity when she won the Mae Young Tournament.

Her win made her a contender for the NXT Championship (Women’s Division). Kairi Sane didn’t win the championship. In 2018, she tried again and won against Baszler. Kairi Sane was the champion for 71 days until Baszler wins back the title.

On April 5, 2019, Kairi Sane competed in a match for the NXT Women’s Championship. However, she lost to Baszler.  On April 11, Sane had a rematch but lost again. This second loss prohibited her from rechallenging anyone, almost causing a write off from the brand.

Paige announced that she would form a tag team, consisting of Kairi Sane and Asuka. Together, the two got the name The Kabuki Warriors. This tag-team was Kairi Sane’s ticket to the WWE main roster. The tag team won against Bliss and Cross and is holding the title Champion as of to this writing. Kairi Sane and Asuka are part of the Raw brand draft.

As of the moment, Kairi Sane has a million net worth. Her earnings mostly came from wrestling. It is common knowledge that Kaori Housako has an elder sister. In February 2020, the sexy wrestler announced that she married her long-distance boyfriend. Kairi Sane didn’t mention who this man is.

Kairi Sane, just like her other Japanese co-wrestlers, has a doll-like figure. To fans, she looks hot in a bikini or any clothes.

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