50 Sexy and Hot Jwoww Pictures

Sexy reality star Jennifer Lynn Farley, known as JWoww, is another hot topic recently because of her Jersey Shore revival show. Although she is famous for being in Jersey Shore, JWoww is more known to wow everyone with her bikini shots and big boobs due to breast implants.

She even went headlines one time for her ass issue, saying that her but was also unnatural. JWoww immediately slammed the trolls and even took a video of her ass. To see more photos of JWoww, head out to our compilation here.

Jennifer Lynn Farley, known as JWoww, was born on February 27, 1986, in a town in Rensselaer in New York. She graduated high school at Columbia High School. Before she got famous because of Jersey Shore, JWoww became a nanny and baby sitter.

JWoww was busy with her graphic design business before she auditioned for Jersey Shore. Then, she eventually joined Jersey Shore in December 2009. At 23 years old, Jennifer and seven other housemates lived in Seaside Height, New Jersey, the whole summer. In the second season, the production moved to Miami, Florida, and then returned to New Jersey for the third.

The fourth season of Jersey Shore got shot in Florence, Italy, while the last two seasons were back in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. While filming Jersey Shore, Jennifer continued to make a name for herself. She launched a clothing line called Filthy Couture in 2010, which showcased mostly lingerie and bikinis.

Her launch was during a runway show in Las Vegas. However, her line got short-lived in October 2010 due to trademark issues. Farley then announced that her clothing line would be under a new name. 

Then, in 2010, MTV announced that a spin-off from the Jersey Shore would be released featuring Snooki or Nicole Polizzi and Jennifer. They later called the show, Snooki & JWoww, and released 12 episodes for the first season. The show premiered in 2012 until 2015. 

In 2012, she got sued for shooting some scenes for her show without the legal consent of her landlord. In the same year, Jennifer had a cameo role in the revival of the movie The Three Stooges. She also hosted the New Year’s Eve Party 2013 of MTV with Snooki and Jeff Dye.

In 2013, she appeared in the soap opera, One Life to Live as the recurring character, Nikki. Later in 2014, she got a casting call again for the reality show, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. This time, she appeared with her boyfriend, Roger Mathews, on the show.

Currently, Jennifer reprised her appearance in the revival of Jersey Shore in 2018. This time, the show’s title became Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Sexy and Hot Jwoww Pictures

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