51 Sexy and Hot Julia Stiles Pictures

Award-winning sexy actress Julia O’Hara Stiles started in the acting industry at a young age of 12. Since then, she starred in many award-winning films, as well as gaining nominations and accolades for herself.

Stiles grew up in New York with her parents and two siblings. She garnered experience through theater and stage plays when she was 11. In 1996, she debuted on-screen in the film I Love You, I Love You Not. Two years later, Stiles got a role in Wicked. The thriller film enabled her to win an award from Kalvory in the Best Actress category.

The American actress continued striving well in the industry when she transitioned into teen-oriented roles. Stiles tried it in the 1999 film 10 Things I Hate About You. For her performance in the movie, she received an award for the Best Breakthrough Performance Category given to her by MTV. Stiles also acquired two nominations from the Teen Choice Awards for the same film.

Her streak continued when she starred in 2000’s Down to You. In the film, she received another set of nominations from the Teen Choice Awards. The next year, Stiles appeared in Save the Last Dance, where she won the Movie Actress category that was given by Teen Choice Awards as well.

Stiles continued to display brilliant performances in her next films, The Business of Strangers, Mona Lisa Smile, and The Omen. In 2002, the hot American actress began starring for the acclaimed Jason Bourne franchise. Stiles kept her role until the recent film installment that premiered in 2016.

Stiles tried to enter television and scored a role in  Dexter. Her performance was once again received well by critics, allowing her to accrue more nominations from different award-giving bodies.

She returned to star in films when she appeared in Silver Linings Playbook. For her performance, she was given an Outstanding Performance award by the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Earlier in her career, Stiles starred in several movies, including The Prince and Me, A Little Trip to Heaven, The Cry of the Owl, Between Us, Out of the Dark, and a recent film titled Blackway, which premiered in 2016.

In 2018, Stiles got a role in Riviera, a series from Sky Atlantic that still airs currently. The American actress also tried starring in a web series titled Blue that premiered in 2012 and lasted for almost three years. The project would later become available for TV viewers, too.

At the age of 39, the blonde American actress continues pursuing her flourishing acting career. You can catch up with Stiles on her social media accounts where she publishes frequent updates.

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