41 Sexy and Hot Julia Roberts Pictures

If there is a name that Hollywood will never forget, it’s going to be Julia Roberts. Since the 1980s, she’s making massive success in the industry, both in front and the back of the camera. Her screen presence has been spectacular and the Sexy and Hot Julia Roberts Pictures we have compiled below will highlight the sexy side of the celebrity.

Julia Roberts is a naturally stunning woman. She’s got various ancestries, after all, which includes Irish, Scottish, English, Welsh, Swedish, and German. It’s not surprising that even throughout the years, the actress remains as hot and beautiful as ever. 

When she was young, Julia Roberts never dreamed, nor she thought she’d become one of the most famous actresses in the world. The young Julia loved animals and wanted to become a veterinarian. However, she went on to study journalism in college. 

Julia Roberts only ventured into show business after seeing the Hollywood success of her brother Eric. 

Her break in the Hollywood industry came in 1988 when she appeared in two films that year, Satisfaction and Mystic Pizza. The movies highlighted the pretty woman and promising actress that Julia Roberts is, and the public got smitten instantly. However, she first appeared on TV the previous year in the show Crime Story. 

In 1988, she got another feature role in the movie Steel Magnolia, which furthered her credibility as an actress. 

Two years later, Julia Roberts landed the movie role that would soon make her a household name, her signature film Pretty Woman. The movie was a massive success and remained as one of the best films in Hollywood to this day. Aside from immense success and popularity, the movie also earned Julia Roberts a nomination from the Oscars and a Favorite Actress award from People’s Choice.

The actress became famous worldwide since then. Julia Roberts also followed that box-office success with more serious roles in movies. However, the public loved her for romantic comedies, like her character in the 1997 film My Best Friend’s Wedding.

She also starred in other movies throughout the years, including The Player in 1992, Notting Hill and Runaway Bride in 1999. 

In 2000, she played the leading role in Erin Brockovich, which won her an Oscar.

Julia Roberts also appeared in America’s Sweethearts and Full Frontal in 2001 and 2002, respectively.

Her recent notable big-screen projects include the two sequels of the Ocean’s movies, Valentine’s Day, Fireflies in the Garden, Closer, Duplicity, Snow White, and Mirror Mirror, among many others.

Over the years, Julia Roberts has had the kind of career that no one in Hollywood has ever topped. She’s an award-winning actress, one in a very few that won awards from SAG Award, Golden Globe, Critic’s Choice, BAFTA, and Academy Award for the same performance in a movie.

Aside from her acting talent, Julia Roberts is also widely praised for her sexy figure and beauty. She’s got the boobs and ass to be part of the 100 Hottest Women of all Time, according to Men’s Health in 2011. Look at her bikini photos to know why.

Sexy and Hot Julia Roberts Pictures

Sexy and Hot Julia Roberts Pictures
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