50 Sexy and Hot Jordan Carver Pictures

Jordan Carver is a sexy German-born actress and model. She’s famous for appearing in Zoo Weekly, a British magazine publication. We know you are here to enjoy our fantastic collection of Sexy and Hot Jordan Carver Pictures, which you will find below. But first, a run down of her career and life.

The hot German actress’s original name is Ina-Maria Schnitzer and was born on January 30, 1986. Carver did have an academic life, where she spent studying for her secondary school as well as a vocational school. Afterward, she qualified to apply in the position of hotel manager, which helped her to start a professional career in modeling.

Shortly, Carver got inside a renowned French company where the German model worked as a make-up artist. After spending some time working, Carver meets a professional photographer that noticed her beauty and told her that she should seek a professional model career.

Carver made up her mind and came with a decision to go to the United States and start a new life. She spends most of her time looking for auditions, trying to land for gigs, or even a contract. The German model chose California to be her primary location while in the US.

Carver made her move in 2010 when she created a website that features herself modeling beauty products. Her website also acted as her portfolio that will become handy later on. Here, she regularly posted alluring photos that showcase the ability of the beauty products she models.

The next year, she started landing more significant projects thanks to her full recognition and fantastic body. Her boobs, in particular, are being talked in public, saying that both are large yet still proportional to each other.

In early 2011, the German model signed a contract with Zoo Weekly to model for a single issue for them. In mid-2011, Carver made a daring move when she appeared nude in Alula, which is an Italian magazine.

To maintain a bikini body, Carver strictly imposes her self-created yoga workouts, which was also noticed by the public, including Bild, a Germany-based publication. In 2012, Carver got big and was featured in the esteemed entertainment magazine, TMZ, which also boosted her growing popularity.

With a lot of people acknowledging her yoga workout routine, as a response, Carver made a DVD compilation of her workouts and released it to the public in 2012. She also became popular across YouTube with many channels featuring and guesting her because of her jaw-dropping figure.

The next year, Carver returned to Germany to star in a film that also became her debut on-screen, Who Killed Johnny. That same year, the German actress participated in the reality TV show Wild Girls, which happened in Africa.

With her alluring body, Carver established herself as a reliable yoga workout guru that is being looked up by many. She also has a lot of potential in the acting industry, so we’re hoping to see more of her soon. These ass and boobs photos of her will surely count as a blessing to anyone, so be sure to check them out and enjoy.

Sexy and Hot Jordan Carver Pictures