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Discover, through the Sexy and Hot JoJo Pictures we have compiled below, a woman with an alluring body and unique style. Plus, we a have a complete bio of the sexy singer.

Born on December 20, 1990, Jojo grew up in Massachusetts with her mother. Her parents divorced when she was four years old. Jojo learned to sing by listening to and by imitating her mother’s voice. She never enrolled in any voice lessons because her mother couldn’t afford them.

Jojo was six when she first performed at theaters as a way of expressing her talent. Aside from this theater gig, Jojo auditioned for a contest. She impressed the management, so she got cast in the show immediately. Jojo sang Respect and Chain of Fools.

Her singing impressed The Oprah Winfrey Show. Jojo got a call for her to perform. After her performance in the show, she also played for the Maury show.

Later, Jojo joined America’s Most Talented Kids, which made her famous. However, she didn’t win the competition. Diana DeGarmo won the title and prize.  Despite losing, Jojo continued her journey towards stardom. She auditioned for Blackground Records. Impressed by her singing, Jojo received a record deal.

This record deal was the start of Jojo’s rise to popularity. In 2003, the sexy singer recorded her first album and released her debut single. Her sing Leave (Get Out) was certified gold (RIAA). Jojo had a  tour schedule for the promotion of the album before its release date.

Jojo also had a hosting stint during the Grammy Awards. Her hosting skills caught the attention of directors and producers. Jojo received many television offers. She also got an offer to play the role of Zoe in “Hannah Montana.” However, Jojo declined since she wanted to concentrate first in her singing career.

Following her success in music, Jojo began to venture into film and television. In 2006, she accepted the role of Hailey in Aquamarine (released 2006). Jojo also appeared in RV, a comedy-drama where Robin Williams also stared. 

In 2006, Jojo released her second album, The High Road, receiving positive reviews. The album hit the top 3 (US Billboard 200). 

In 2008, Jojo started recording her third album for release in 2009. This year is the most controversial of her singing career. Before the album got a distribution deal, someone leaked the songs on YouTube. The leaked songs devastated Jojo, and she sued the Blackground Records. Eventually, both parties agreed upon an amicable settlement outside the courts.

Jojo partnered with Interscope Records for the release of her third album. However, the album release never happened.  After the dispute, Jojo released a mixtape in 2010. The same year, Jojo released a single on radios. The song hit number 87 in US Billboards.

Jojo joined the Joe Jonas and Jay Sean tour to promote her songs and raise awareness about her. The collaboration proved to be successful. Once again, Jojo gained the attention of the audience.

However, in 2013, Jojo file another lawsuit to Blackground Records and Da Family for irreparable damage to her career. Jojo also wanted to invalidate her contract since she signed it when she was a minor. Again, the parties involved made an outside the court settlement.

After almost a decade of struggles, Jojo is back on track. She’s finally receiving the appreciation she deserves. Her songs are becoming hits to music lovers.

This stunning beauty with a hot bikini body is also a philanthropist. Need we say more? Here are some alluring photos of Jojo, flaunting her ass and boobs.

Sexy and Hot JoJo Pictures

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