50 Sexy and Hot Jodelle Ferland Pictures

This sexy Canadian actress is only in her mid-twenties, but Jodelle Ferland has been active in the entertainment industry for nearly 24 years. She comes from a family of entertainers with an actress sister, Marisha, and a musically-inclined brother, Jeremy.

This child star began doing commercials at the tender age of two. By the time she was four years old, Jodelle Ferland has already starred in a television movie. As if that was not enough, she even received an Emmy nomination, the youngest ever to receive one in history. 

Some of her notable TV appearances as a child include Higher Ground, Dark Angel, The Lone Gunmen, The Miracle of the Cards, Smallville, Supernatural,  Stargate SG-1, and The Secret of Hidden Lake. She even starred in television films like Carrie, Mob Princess, Too Cool for Christmas, and Pictures of Hollis Woods.

Jodelle Ferland had a central role in the sci-fi series Dark Matter. The series ran for three seasons and received mostly favorable reviews from critics.

On the big screen, her debut film is the biographical film, The Linda McCartney Story. Jodelle Ferland had supporting roles in the psychological horror Silent Hill, romantic comedy Good Luck Chuck, and BloodRayne 2: Deliverance. She gained more prominence portraying Bree Tanner in the third installment of the Twilight Saga.

The gorgeous brunette has an estimated net worth of 4 million dollars, and we are sure this amount will blow up in the coming years. The majority of her value comes from her acting gigs, but Jodelle Ferland has also lent her voice to animated shows and video games. 

You can hear her in all three versions of the Bioshock 2 release in 2010. On the box office hit, Paranorman, she voiced the adorable Aggie Prenderghast opposite Australian actor Kodi Smit McPhee.

Throughout her extensive career, there were no relationship rumors for this lovely female. However, fans have shipped her with many of her male co-stars. Whoever it will be, we hope this stunning brunette finds her happily ever after with the right partner.

Like most of the actresses in her generation, Jodelle Ferland is active on social media. She has more than a hundred thousand followers on her Instagram and Twitter. Aside from the occasional selfie, fans can also see some of her works as a cosplayer. There were no bikini photos on her official profile, but the young star knows how to flaunt her perky boobs and ass.

With her latest film and television show ending in 2020, we look forward to Jodelle Ferland’s upcoming projects. At her age, she undoubtedly has a long future ahead of her in the industry. While waiting, feel free to check out our collection of stunning photos of the lovely Canadian star.

Sexy and Hot Jodelle Ferland Pictures

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