45 Sexy and Hot Jillian Michaels Pictures

Will you take the opportunity if someone gives you a chance to work out and be trained by one of the hottest and sexiest trainers out there? We know you would, especially if its Jillian Michaels. Who is she? Why is she so hot and sexy? We’ll find out here while browsing over the collection of her spiciest photos out there. Chill out and relax, for here are the stunning images of Jillian Michales to spice up your day.

She’s known for her appearance in the hit TV series The Biggest Loser (2004-2016), where she got featured as a trainer that helps the obese contestants in sculpting their ideal bodies out of a sheer amount of excess fats. Jillian Michaels is a 1964 baby born on the 18th of February. All of her childhood life got riddled with unhealthy coping mechanisms because her parents filed for divorce. One of those coping mechanisms were eating – a lot of eating. This tragic lifestyle caused her to be obese, which is why she got bullied and got verbally abused.

She eventually overpowered the epic miserableness by initially shedding a few kilos. After that, she decided to be a trainer herself. With this and an additional bartender job, she financially supported herself enough to get her through college.

Jillian Michaels’ most well-known work was with The Biggest Loser (2004-2016), which featured participants who are eager to lose weight to win the ultimate cash prize. She eventually quit the show back in 2006, allowing Kim Lyons to take her place as the new personal trainer of the Red Team.

She has been an incredibly active woman throughout her life. This American Fitness Professionals and Associates certified wellness trainer is an entrepreneur, trainer, and host. She hosted a Sunday talk show on the Los Angeles’ KFI (640 AM). Aside from that, she has an iTunes podcast that won the Best New Audio Podcast for 2011, entitled The Jillian Michaels Show. Another iconic performance was when she became a co-host for the show The Doctors (2008-present), where she had a recurring part named Ask Jillian, which directly tackles thoughts and questions about diet and nutrition.

Her life has been extraordinarily active and healthy. That’s one of the reasons why her body is so fit and toned. Look at her curves! Her lovely physique is a testimony to all people: look good, feel good. Her ass and her boobs got toned to perfection, thanks to all her hard work. Her bikini body must be impressive! Jillian Michaels’ effort to stay in shape has made her life incredibly joyful and purposeful. Such beauty, style, and love for health is something truly admirable.

Sexy and Hot Jillian Michaels Pictures