60 Sexy and Hot Jessie James Decker Pictures

With all that is happening to Jessie James Decker, she still does not forget to stay healthy and fit. The country singer flaunted her hot abs and her bikini body whenever she heads to the beach with her family. Despite being a mom of three, Jessie still does her workout routine, making her stay sexy and healthy. To see more of Jessie’s photos, check out our photo compilation here.

Robert James and Karen Johnson welcomed their baby girl, Jessica Rose James, on April 12, 1988. Her family then moved to the US from Italy when she became a toddler. Jessie’s mother already noticed her talent in singing at the age of two.

Then, at the age of nine, Jessie began to compete on a singing contest, winning to the song, “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart”. Jessie also started to write songs with her plastic guitar. And before everyone knew it, she already performed in SeaWorld in Georgia in 2000. 

After Jessie’s Nashville trips to sharpen her songwriting skills, she signed a record deal with Mercury Records at the age of 17 after she auditioned to L.A. Reid. From there, Jessie’s singing career began.

Decker always wanted to sing country songs; however, the record label executives later told her that she would instead make pop music. She revealed later that she had a difficult time adjusting to the change of genre. Then, in 2009, Decker released her self-titled album, Jessie James. The album’s debut got into the top 23 at the Billboard 200 and had mixed reviews from critics. 

After her album release, Jessie went to the Middle East with Kid Rock to perform for the US troops stationed there.

Then, in 2010, Jessie released her second album, Sweet American Dreams, which had a mix of country and pop music. Although her music had great reviews, it did not reach the charts. The flop made Jessie realize that she is a country singer, pleading to Mercury Records to let her record country songs instead. 

The successful negotiations led to Jessie recording her country music album in April 2011. She then released “When You Say My Name” in January 2012. She later released her EP, Comin’ Home, in April 2014, which topped on iTunes and was on the Top 5 on the Billboard country music charts.

In 2017, she signed with Epic Records and released her first EP with the label in February 2017. Then in 2019, rumor had it that Jessie already signed with Warner Music Nashville and will start the release of her new music in 2020.

Jessie married Eric Decker in 2013 and had three adorable children with him. With all her success in life, she is proof that being sexy does not require revealing your boobs or your ass.

Sexy and Hot Jessie James Decker Pictures

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