44 Sexy and Hot Jessica Sula Pictures

Jessica Sula has a different sexy kind of charm that can brighten up your day. Looking at her girl-next-door pictures, you will never think that she would appear on many horror and thriller films. As you browse more, you will learn more about her. 

Jessica Sula was from Swansea and born on the 3rd of May in 1994, a Taurus. Her mom was a Trinidadian with Chinese and Afro-Trinidadian roots. Her father has Estonian and German descent. Her mom’s name is Shurla Blades, while her dad’s name is Steven Sula.

Her parents raised her in Gorseinon, a part of Swansea. She went to Gorseinon College to finish her A-levels in various subjects, which are Drama, French, and Spanish.

Aside from acting, Sula proves that she is hot for her talent in playing guitar and practicing karate. 

Sula did not have to show her bikini body to rise to fame. She became prominent for her role as Grace Blood for the teen drama Skins and being as M. Night in the Split Horror film. 

Being Grace Blood in the Skins drama series was her debut role when Sula appeared there in 2011 during the fifth and sixth series of the show. Later, she acquired a minor position in the series Love and Marriage, which was a comedy-drama. 

Sula also appeared in several televisions shows, which include Lucifer, Love and Marriage, and more. 

In 2015, Sula successfully played a significant role in the movie Recovery Road as Maddie Graham, where she had to work with her fellow Skin star Sebastian De Souza. Also, in that year, when Sula became a part of the series Eye Candy, where Susa played the role of Morgan. 

Sula busted her ass before her film debut, where she played the leading role. This movie was the Honeytrap in 2014. The character she played was Layla. Real events inspired the creation of this movie. 

Honeytrap refers to the story of a teenage girl who lured a guy who was deeply in love with her into a trap that could kill him. 

In 2017, Sula became part of the indie film Big Fork where she also became the leading character, Emily. This film revolves around the story of longtime friends who went back to their hometown for a wedding. 

Also, in that year, Sula acquired a role in the Godless series as Louise Hobbs. She also became part of the series Scream as Olivia Reynolds in that year and became a regular character in the third season.  

She also appeared in the movie All the Little Things We Kill as Katy Walker, which premiered in 2019. 

Sula revealed little information about herself. As of the moment, nobody knows if Sula is in a relationship or not. 

Although Sula does not bare her boobs and butt to secure more mature roles, she has the beauty and charm that is enough for an actress.

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