50 Sexy and Hot Jessica Lowndes Pictures

Hallmark’s Over The Moon Inlove (2019) actress Jessica Lowndes loves music as much as she loves acting. It’s pretty apparent how well this American actress expresses herself very well through the art of singing: she graces us with her voice and showers us with her acting talents. Truly, Jennica Lowndes is a masterpiece of a woman. 

You have seen her on many TV shows and TV movies such as Over The Moon Inlove (2019), Yes, I Do (2018), and Major Crimes (2012-2018), but who is Jessica Lowndes? How is her personal career life going? Here, as we browse over the sexiest photos of Jessica Lowndes, we’ll get to know more about her own life, career, and interests. Buckle up, for here are the sizzling hot photos of Jessica Lowndes that will make you question your sanity.

This native of Vancouver BC was born on December 8, 1988. Even when she was just a young lass, she knew that the path she will take in the future would be the path of acting and singing. This choice is probably because of her parents, who were musically inclined. Her mom teaches how to play the piano, and her father pursued a record run all over Canada in his teenage years. Since her interests were music and acting, she knew she is in the right environment to flourish as a budding musician/actor.

As a young child, she can’t help herself but to sing and dance almost all the time; in fact, people in her early life know this about her. She eventually landed her first significant acting chance when she was attending high school. After that, she worked for Showtime in her senior year’s summer break. After getting exposed to the right people, she eventually moved to Los Angeles at the age of 16 and started her career there.

Her musical spirit emerged when she was just a child. She started playing the piano at age five, while she composed her first song when she was nine years old. She debut in the TV series 90210 pilot episode, where she sang Mama Who Bore Me. She also sang Jolene and some other songs like Fool, Snake Charmer, Last Time, and I Don’t Want You Anymore.

Back on September 9, 2014, Jessica Lowndes has let out another single entitled Silicone, which reached 35th on Billboard Canada’s Top 50. The song found itself in the 65th place in the US Top 100.

Beauty, talent, skill, and sexiness: now, that’s hot. Jessica Lowndes is not just a musician/actress; she’s also an incredibly sexy woman. She and her other 90210 co-stars were part of the 2009 World’s Most Beautiful People.

Her body is genuinely content for ballads, while her boobs and her ass have to be known as masterpieces. And aside from that, her bikini photos are top-notch! What more can you ask?

Sexy and Hot Jessica Lowndes Pictures

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