60 Sexy and Hot Jessica Lange Pictures

This sexy American actress has been in the entertainment industry for almost 45 years, so it is no wonder that Jessica Lange has racked up a myriad of awards from various honoring bodies. With all her work on film and television, it is no wonder that she is one of the most recognizable women in Hollywood.

The beautiful celebrity came from a non-showbiz family, with her father, a traveling salesman and a housewife mother. She has four siblings, and the family moved around a lot due to his work. Jessica Lange has mixed roots, with ancestry originating from Germany, the Netherlands, and Finland.

Unlike other actresses, this star did not set her sights to performing early on in her life, but Jessica Lange did have a passion for photography. She studied at the University of Minnesota under a scholarship, but she left college after marrying a fellow photographer, Paco Grande.

The two tied the knot in 1971 and traveled the United States and Mexico together. Their adventure led them to Paris, France, but the couple ironically drifted apart in the city of love. 

Soon after, the talented woman met Latvian actor-dancer, Mikhail Baryshnikov, considered as one of the most excellent male ballet dancers in the world. They spent several years together, and their relationship bore them a daughter named Aleksandra.

Her third partner was American playwright and director, Sam Shepard. They had two children. The couple spent 26 years together before separating in 2009, several years before he died due to complications of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Now, the award-winning actress focuses on acting, photography, and various philanthropic causes. Jessica Lange has held numerous art exhibitions in the United States, Mexico, and Europe. She has also released two photo books titled 50 Photographs and In Mexico. The hot celebrity is an ambassador for UNICEF, specifically for HIV/AIDS in Congo and Russia.

In her younger days, Jessica Lange has not shied away from displaying her generous boobs and ass on camera, especially with that racy number on the set of King Kong. Even with her advancing age, the stunning celebrity flaunts her fantastic figure in a bikini. We could only hope we would look half as good as her as we grow old.

On television, her most famous works are part of the American Horror Story anthology series. Jessica Lange has appeared in 5 of the nine seasons of the hit horror show. She also starred in the comedy-drama The Politician and the miniseries Feud. This brilliant artist served as producer in the latter, as well.

We hope to see more of this blonde bombshell on upcoming television shows. In the meantime, check out our selection of photos of this exquisite Hollywood star.

Sexy and Hot Jessica Lange Pictures

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