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Looking at the sexy photos of Jessica Henwick, you know that her beauty is one of a kind. Jessica Henwick is an actress who appeared on several prominent films, which include the Game of Thrones and Star Wars. As you immerse yourself throughout Sexy and Hot Jessica Henwick Pictures, get to know her more. 

Jessica Yu Li Henwick was from Surrey, England, born on August 30, 1992. She is the daughter of a retired entrepreneur and author. Her mother is Chinese-Singaporean, while her father is Zambian-English. 

Jessica has two brothers, and she is the second among the three children of her parents. She received her acting training from National Youth Theatre and Redroofs Theatre School. 

Her debut in the performance industry was in 2009 when she played the principal character in the Spirit Warriors as Bo. This show makes her the first East Asian who landed a lead role in the British TV series. 

Spirit Warriors is an adventure series aimed at children. Most casts are East Asians. 

To secure this role, Jessica learned wushu under Jude Poyer’s choreography. Though she was a new actress, she received several nominations for the show, which was hot. 

Her theatre debut was in 2013 when she landed a role in the Running on the Cracks production. Many theatre critics and journalists praised her performance. It includes The Times, Guardian, and Joyce McMillan. 

Also, in 2013, Jessica became part of the Obsession: Dark Desires casts, where she played the role of Jane Jeong Trenka. She also became part of the series Silk and its spin-off Silk: The Clerk’s Room. 

Seeing her in a bikini, you know that Jessica has the potential to play a part in prominent movies and series. 

She rose to fame, even more, when she became part of the Game of Thrones from Season 5 to Season 7, where she played the character of Nymeria Sand. Her character died in the episode Stormborn. 

Jessica also became part of the Star Wars: The Force Awaken’s casts. She played the role of Jess Pava, Luke Skywalker’s admirer. She appeared in the movie for a short time, but her presence was successful enough for her to garner several fans. 

In 2017, Jessica landed a role in the second season of the Fortitude. She also became part of the Iron Fist Netflix series. The reception of the Iron Fist is negative, but her performance garnered positive feedback. 

She reprised her role as Colleen Wing in the Iron Fist sequels The Defenders and Luke Cage. 

Jessica worked her ass and victorious when she became part of Variety’s Top Breakout Stars. She is one of the casts of the upcoming movies The Matrix 4, Monster Problems, Godzilla vs. Kong, and On the Rocks. 

The information about Jessica’s relationship is unclear. Based on rumors, Johnny Yang is her boyfriend.  

Even without seeing Jessica’s boobs, she has proven her worth as a new actress in the performance industry. 

Sexy and Hot Jessica Henwick Pictures

Sexy and Hot Jessica Henwick Pictures
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