60 Sexy and Hot Jessica Green Pictures

Those strikingly sexy blue eyes and those long hot legs are the key features that you will notice once you see actress, Jessica Green. She may not have a Wikipedia feature, but this does not mean that Jessica is not famous for her works.

If you stalk her Instagram, you’ll be shocked by the number of followers this bikini-bod actress has. She is proud to show off her awesomely built ass and her boobs’ cleavage. To see more photos of the stunningly beautiful Jessica Green, check out our photo compilation here.

Australian actress Jessica Green was born in Tasmania on February 11, 1993. Her mother, Cherline Green, solely raised her and her brother, Tyler Green. Although Jessica did not disclose any of her family backgrounds, it is evident to her that she always wanted to become an actress and model at an early age. Her mother is currently the owner of Green Management.

Many know Jessica from the movie, Peter Pan, under Universal Pictures, and Aqua Marine. She also started her modeling journey at the age of 14. She posed for Billabong and Nike. At the age of 16, Jessica joined a competition called Leggy Lass, in her hometown.

In 2013, she auditioned for the TV show, Alien Super Girls (Lightning Point), and landed the role of Kiki. It was her first significant role after a couple of short appearances in other Australian movies. Since she got the role of Kiki, Jessica needed to learn how to ride a horse and even to surf. She appeared in the series in a total of 26 episodes. 

Jessica also starred in other TV shows like Ash vs. Evil Dead. She also had an appearance in the Roman Empire: Reign of Blood and The Rise.

Currently, Jessica is a star in the TV series entitled The Outpost, which premiered in CW. In an interview, Jessica revealed that she was over the moon when she got the role, and the Australian actress was very thankful that the producers gave her a chance to show how talented she is.

With all of her stunts in the TV series, The Outpost, Jessica must maintain a healthy and fit body. She revealed in an interview with Watch magazine that she trained at the Heartbreak Conditioning in Australia, doing a five-day gym regimen. She does a lot of boxing and mixed martial arts to maintain that bikini body, and she stays healthy by having a balanced diet.

Jessica is currently in a long term relationship with a guy named Cayden.

Sexy and Hot Jessica Green Pictures

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