45 Sexy and Hot Jessica Chobot Pictures in her Bikini

Being true to ourselves makes us feel enough and attractive. Regardless if we have pale or dark skin, thin or fat body figure, we are all beautiful as long as we have love and respect for ourselves and other people.

Nowadays, there are tons of gorgeous people everywhere, especially on social media. These photos might make women feel insecure or self-conscious because they are not as pretty as those people. Nonetheless, we should always remind them that true beauty comes from within. It is not about your looks, nor the shape of your face. As long as you have a good heart and mind, you are beautiful enough.

For today’s topic, we will be focusing on the undeniable beauty of Jessica Chobot. We all know that she is a charming, hardworking, and talented American host and writer who has been captivating a lot of hearts throughout her career. Additionally, Chobot has strikingly beautiful eyes and a charming smile that will make us admire her more.

In this article, we included some of the best photos of Jessica Chobot. We handpicked each image in this collection to ensure the best shot of Jessica Chobot’s gorgeous face and sexy body figure. She may not have seductive ass and boobs or hot bikini photos, but her angelic face will make our readers’ hearts melt. Before scrolling down to our image gallery, let us talk about Jessica Chobot’s professional life first. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Jessica Lynn Horn, also known as Jessica Chobot, was born on the 7th of July, 1977, at the Empire State, Buffalo, New York. However, she grew up in Oakland County, Novi, Michigan. According to the stunning host, her family frequently moved to different towns when she was young. Before Chobot reached high school, her family already lived in various places from Midwest to East Coast.

Jessica Chobot began her career in 2005. She became famous due to her viral “licking a Sony PSP” photo published by a video game website called Kotaku. The said photo reached millions of people worldwide and has been widely parodied by several PSP players. Aside from that, it also appeared on a Sony advertisement. According to the gorgeous host, she has a deep love and obsession with Japanese culture, manga, anime, and video games.

In 2006, she got the opportunity to work for a popular video game news provider called IGN. She covered several weekly shows and segment which is still running until today. Based on research, Chobot also hosted the IGN Daily Fix from 2009 to 2011. Her first news episode for this segment aired on the 23rd of March, 2009.

After a few years, Chobot took part in an American science fiction adventure film called Tron as a writer for the sci-fi script. Aside from that, she also collaborated with a women’s apparel line called JiNX for anime-style collectibles.

Sexy and Hot Jessica Chobot Pictures