44 Sexy and Hot Jennie Jacques Pictures

Jennie Jacques is certainly a cutie. You will surely agree, especially when you have watched her on-screen appearances. Jennie possesses a captivating pair of blue eyes that awesomely complements her wavy brown hair. Also, she is alluring at 5’3″ tall. However, did you know that besides being a cutie, Jennie is also a hottie? You may feel astounded with this piece of information, but this Hollywood actress is, indeed, sexy.

She possesses a hot physique that looks perfect in bikinis of various hues, styles, and brands. Plus, Jennie owns a sexually seductive ass and foxy boobs that you would love to stare at all day. Do you still find it unbelievable? We have the proofs right here!

But before we let you feel amazed by this beautiful celebrity’s marvelous physical assets, let us first discover some of her tidbits. Jennie is a British national. She calls Coventry, United Kingdom, as her birthplace. Furthermore, this fresh-faced showbiz personality is a Pisces, with her Mom delivering her to this world on February 28, 1989, at Walgrave Hospital located in her hometown. As of June 2020, we can say that Jennie is in her early 30s. Besides the West Midlands, Jennie also had spells living in other British locales, including Warwick and Leamington Spa.

Are you aware that Jennie is not the only child of her parents? She has shared her Dad and Mom’s love, care, and attention, with her six other siblings. Besides, Jennie is a heroine of one of her sisters, who has epilepsy. She has taken part in plenty of advocacy groups that are searching for the medical solution for the neurological disease. 

As for her showbiz career, Jennie has been active in the entertainment industry since 2009. The pretty British actress portrayed the character named Katie Fielding in “The Bill.” Aside from this 2009 police TV series that ITV released, Jennie played Annie Miller, a model of an artist, in “Desperate Romantics.” This period drama TV series aired in the summer of 2009 on BBC Two. Then, Miss Jacques appeared as Lily Knowles in the 2010 medical drama TV series, “Casualty.”

Jennie’s character is that of a caregiver in the episode of the BBC One program, “Nice and Easy Does It.” The magnificent British star also portrayed the character of Emily Mullins in one of the episodes of “Lark Rise to Candleford.” This United Kingdom-produced program is a costume drama TV series. 

Moreover, Jennie got roles in programs created by BBC Birmingham. In one episode of “Father Brown,” she portrayed the character named Violet Parnassus. “The Wrong Shape” is the title of that 2013 episode of the British detective drama TV series. Plus, “WPC 56” featured the stunning performer as the lead actress. This BBC afternoon drama TV series follows a female police constable in 1956, male-centric British society. Jennie got cast in 29 episodes of “Vikings,” as well.

She took on a recurring role in this TV series from 2015 to 2019. The sexy on-screen performer also took on the leading character of Tash in six episodes of the 2015 sitcom titled, “The Delivery Man.” Finally, in 2019, “London Kills” featured Jennie as the main character named Amber.

As for her film career, Jennie got the role of Beth in “Cherry Tree Lane.” This 2010 motion picture project is a horror-thriller movie. Also, Jennie got cast in “Shank” as Ree Ree. This movie is a futuristic thriller motion picture project. The rising British star got a role in “Demons Never Die,” too. Jennie appeared naked in one sex scene of this 2011 slasher motion picture project, alongside Irish TV and movie actor Robert Sheehan.

As you can see, as of June 2020, Jennie has been busy in her entertainment career for more than a decade. This fact must be good news for you since you will see this cutie-pie and hottie more. Jennie is titillating with her sultry physique measuring 33-24-33 inches.

Also, this entertainment influencer has left the world smitten. As of June 2020, she has amassed more than 345,000 followers on Instagram, holding the handle at @jenniejacques1. The following sexually exciting images certify that Jennie is not just the cute actress you have followed.

She is, indeed, a sexpot, and we are sure you will agree with us this time. Enjoy!

Sexy and Hot Jennie Jacques Pictures

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