50 Sexy and Hot Jenna Jameson Pictures

When you look at the sexy photos of Jenna Jameson, you know that she is stunningly beautiful. Jenna Jameson was an entrepreneur and a former porn star. As you browse her photos, find out more exciting details about her.

Jenna Marie Massoli was born in Las Vegas on the 9th of April 1974. She is the daughter of Laurence Henry, a cop, and Judith, a showgirl.

Looking at Jameson in her stunningly hot photos, you can never tell that she lived a tough life.

Jameson’s mom died because of melanoma a few months before her second birthday. Because of the cancer treatments that her mom had to undergo, the family lost their money. The family had to move from different places and lived in a trailer house.

Jameson and her brother Tony grew up a Catholic and had to depend on each other while growing up.

The actress used to join a lot of beauty pageants and even studied ballet as a child.

Seeing her smiling in a bikini, you would not believe a horrible situation that happened to her when she was 16. Jameson revealed in her autobiography that a group of four men gang-raped her and beat her with rocks. Her ex-boyfriend’s uncle, named Preacher, also raped her, but he denied it.

Jameson left her father’s home and lived with her then-boyfriend, Jack.

Jack was working as a tattoo artist and did some for her. His creation on her was the two hearts on her ass. Her brother added “Heart breaker” later after owning the tattoo parlor.

At first, Jameson only wanted to become a showgirl like her mom. However, she was short of height to become one. After that, Jameson worked at Disneyland Resort. However, she had issues with the salary and schedule.

With Jack’s advice, Jenna worked as a dancer. She applied in strip clubs and got accepted after removing her braces.

Jameson’s career in the porn industry started because she wanted revenge on Jack. Her film debut was a softcore non-explicit film. Her real porn film appearance was in 1994. Also, in that year, Jameson underwent cosmetic surgery for breast implants.

Jameson became an award-winning porn actress and deemed as the Queen of Porn. Jameson’s popularity also appeared in some mainstream movies and TV shows, including Mister Sterling and Sin-Jyn Smyth.

Jameson also had a business venture called ClubJenna. It was a porn company and one of the first sites that provided other services other than showing photos and vids. In 2006, Playboy Enterprises bought the company.

As a former porn star, it has never been surprising that Jameson has been in several relationships. Her most recent affair is with Lior Bitton. They have a daughter named Batel Lu.

She also has two other children from her previous relationship with Tito Ortiz.

Jameson used her boobs and all her girly assets to become who she is now. Despite it, Jameson is a loving mom.

Sexy and Hot Jenna Jameson Pictures