50 Sexy and Hot Jena Malone Pictures

Hunger Games actress Jena Malone currently has no movie projects, but she proves to everyone that she can still act. Although Jena is already a hot mom of one, she makes sure that she maintains her bikini body, even flaunting her sexy physique whenever she hits the beach. To see more of Jena Malone, check out our photo compilation now.

Deborah Malone welcomed baby Jena Laine Malone on November 21, 1984, in a city in Nevada. Although Jena knows her father, she was not close to him since he was not there her entire childhood. Her mother and her mother’s girlfriend raised her. However, when Jena reached adulthood, she and her father had the chance to reconcile.

Jena’s childhood was not a usual one. She grew up poor and most of the time, homeless. Although Jena’s family was not in a good financial situation, she still managed to say that her childhood was not severe because it prepared her in her career as an actor.

Malone started to take an interest in acting when she was still a child. She got inspired by her mother, who was also performing in a community theatre. Since Jena wanted to pursue acting, she and her family moved to Los Angeles. However, their life in LA was almost the same when they were still in Nevada. Her mother worked as a call center agent while Malone was taking up acting classes. 

In 1996, Jena had her first professional acting gig in the movie Bastard Out of Carolina. Her performance was so well-praised that she got nominated at the Independent Spirit Awards. She also got a nomination at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. In 1997, she had another acting opportunity and appeared in the television film, Hope. She got another nomination at the Gloden Globes for Best Actress in a Mini-Series.

The success that Jena got from her acting roles even continued when she won a Saturn Award for her performance in the movie, Contact, in 1997. From 1996 to 2003, Jena’s career soared like an eagle. She had full bookings for her movie engagements throughout 2005. Amid her success, Malone filed legal emancipation against her mother in 1999, saying that her mother mismanaged her earnings. The court eventually granted her freedom from her mom’s financial management.

In 2006, Jena ventured into Broadway when she debuted in the production, Doubt. By 2007, she experimented with music and released her first single under the music label, Jena Malone and the Bloodstains. She then performed in street corners with her band until 2008.

Malone went into mainstream movies by 2013. She got a cast for the film, Hunger Games: Catching Fire with Jennifer Lawrence as the lead character. In the movie, her role had to portray the free spirit personality, making Jena flaunt her ass and most of her boobs in one scene. Her last movie appearance was in 2016, where she starred in the movie, Lovesong.

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