52 Sexy and Hot Janet Jackson Pictures

Everyone knows Janet Jackson. If you did not sing and dance to one of her songs, you might not be from earth. You might even remember one of her boobs got seen after a wardrobe malfunction during the halftime show at the Super Bowl. At the age of 53, Janet still looks gorgeous and still flaunts her voluptuous sexy body in her concerts. And yes, the hot mother-of-one yet knows how to work her hips. To see more Janet Jackson photos, click out a compilation of images.

The Jackson family welcomed their youngest, Janet Damita Jo Jackson, on May 16, 1966, in their humble home in Indiana. Janet has nine other siblings in their lower-middle-class home, but all of them had the talent of singing and dancing. At a very young age, Janet witnessed her brothers, the Jackson 5 perform at local venues before they signed with the record label, Motown.

After the group’s success, the family moved to a bigger home in Los Angeles, and Janet began to dream for a job to sustain her in the future. She first dreamed of becoming a lawyer while being an actor. Then, at the age of seven, she performed at the MGM Casino in Las Vegas. Her career started from then on.

Janet’s official acting career started in 1977 when she landed the role of Penny Gordon Woods. She also appeared in other TV shows like Diff’rent Strokes. Five years later, Janet progressed to singing with her father as her manager. With the only limited promotion, Janet still became the highest-ranking female vocalist at the Billboard charts.

Then, in 1986, Janet decided to get out of her family’s shadows and start on her own. She created her third album with her team and called it Control. It immediately hit the number 1 spot at the Billboard charts and garnered several nominations at the Grammy’s and winning awards at the American Music Awards.

In 1989, Janet released her fourth album, Rhythm Nation 1814. The album hit another worldwide success making Janet Jackson one of the most sought after musicians of her time. In 1993, Janet released her fifth album called Janet. In this album, she experimented on different genres of music, from contemporary R&B to sweet jazz and pop. Also, the album became Janet’s representation for her music maturity. She flaunted her sexy bikini body in her videos, revealing much of her ass in some of her costumes.

Janet continued to be successful in her singing career, even earning a concert residency at the Park MGM Resort in 2019. And aside from her worldwide success, Janet Jackson still appeared in movies like Nutty Professor II in 2000. Currently, Janet announced that she would start her Black Diamond tour in 2020.

Sexy and Hot Janet Jackson Pictures