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When one talks about iconic live performances, Michael Jackson comes to mind. In 1983, Michael performed “Billie Jean” at the Motown 25 anniversary celebration. There he introduced the world to the moonwalk. We are happy to review her career highlights and top it off with a showcase of Sexy and Hot Janelle Monae Pictures.

Singer and rapper Janelle Monae studied musical theatre after high school and is no stranger to live performances. An accomplished musician and a talented dancer with a flair for the dramatic, her musical numbers are just as stunning as anything Michael Jackson can do. Here is a list of live performances where Janelle was awesome onstage.

Live at The Oscars – Janelle Monae paid tribute to old Hollywood with a musical number giving homage to Fred Astaire’s classic ballroom moves and mixing them with modern hip-hop. The young singer sang a medley that bravely criticized the lack of inclusion in the Oscar nominations that year. The rebellious performance dared cry out for more recognition for race and gender. Though the political message was evident in her singing and speech, the performance element was elegant and stunning.

BET awards – Janelle’s hot colorful performance was a mix of Africa and Art Deco. The choreography was smooth yet spontaneous mixed in with the eloquent rap lyrics of her hits “Django Jane” and “I like that,” the entire thing felt like a Broadway musical scene. The flawless number cemented her title as the best Hip-hop performer today.

The Voice – Janelle performed “Make me feel” with sexy dancers lying on the floor and moving their legs like a synchronized swimming routine. The music and choreography would do Janet Jackson proud as Janelle improves on the genre. The Voice’s audiences did not appreciate the act so well because they thought it was too raunchy for a family show. The dancers revealed a little too much legs and asses while the dance moves were too suggestive. Nevertheless, it stays true to Janelle’s edginess in everything she does.

Grammys – If Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson had a child, her name would be Janelle Monae. From the guitar to the black and white uniforms to the moonwalk and the pink suits. The entire thing was stunning. It would have been a perfect night for Janelle if she took home a Grammy.

Compared to prominent female singers that sport big hair, big boobs, big butts, and bikini bodies, Janelle Monae looks like a child. But like how a young Michael Jackson took the world by storm, her youth and talent is a breath of fresh air in an industry looking for a new hero.

Several musicians dared claim that they would be the next Michael Jackson. After watching Janelle Monae, people already know that the new music prince will be a princess.

Sexy and Hot Janelle Monae Pictures

Sexy and Hot Janelle Monae Pictures
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